Meet the Practitioner- Jenny Li Ciccone

Jenny Li Ciccone is a Soul Satisfaction Coach/Divine Love Healer/EFT Practitioner at Lotus Blossom Clinic. She works with spiritually-oriented individuals who feel trapped with emotions or thought patterns which hold them back in life. She helps them remove the hidden blocks so they can feel nurtured, reenergized, and free to take the aligned actions in their lives. She is also the author of the book, Decoding the Secrets of Joyful Living.  

The following interview with Jenny Li will help you get to know her background, education and her passion for helping our community!

Q-Tell us about your role at LBC?
A-Soul Satisfaction Coach/Divine Love Healer/EFT Practitioner

Q- Where did you receive your training?
A- Certified EFT Practitioner by IMU – International Metaphysical University Intensive/Continuing Training from Gary Craig’s OEFT Course Community (A lifetime member.)

Q-What benefits does your modality, treatment or therapy offer?
A-My work is about freeing and empowering the wounded empaths (from their own life, family lineage by generations, and past life experiences.) I work with spiritually-oriented, highly sensitive, and intuitive people who feel powerless in trapped emotion, thought, and soul patterns and are held back in life.

I help them clear stuck energies and regain balance at all levels in their body’s energy system, so they can feel re-energized, nurtured, alive, free to move forward. The modalities help them to help improve health and heal physical symptoms: Anxiety, fear, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, heart, stomach and other organ issues, breathing difficulty, etc. Clients can also release emotional and spiritual pains and can clear emotions of fear, powerlessness, grief, sadness, anger and resentment.

My work helps them heal relationship triggers with co-dependency issues and build healthy relationships with boundaries. I provide people with the tools to break out from a lonely and depressed state and feel connected. They learn to balance giving and receiving and experience improvement in health, relationships, money, etc.

Q-What inspired you to enter this type of work?
A-It is my soul’s purpose and mission to come here to become my true self and do what I do to guide others. I went through my personal transformation and am divinely guided.

Q-Is there a mantra or quote you live by? 
A- Love penetrates anything and heals everybody and everything. Go within your own heart to find love, peace, freedom, and joy that you have been seeking.  

Q-What would you say are the greatest hindrances to health?
A- Recurring stress and constant internal conflicts are the psychological roots of illness. Our thoughts and beliefs in our headspace limit and restrict our possibilities. The disconnection and separation in mind, heart, and soul. Traditional methods deal with symptoms but not curing the cause of diseases. Not understanding logical minds can’t solve emotional and spiritual issues.

Q-If you could give one piece of advice to everyone in the world, what would it be?
A-Our life is made of each “NOW” moment. Unlearn and relearn and train your mind to feel safe at the present moment. Meet yourselves at where you are now and enjoy your journey.

Q- What is the core motivation for what you do?
A-I came here with my soul’s mission to become a guide by living as an example in fully living with soul fulfillment and satisfaction. Doing my work is about me being me and completing my mission to share and support others to find their aligned path.

Q-What do you consider the best kept secret to health?
A-The most powerful ways are the simplest! Unlearn and relearn to “be.” Relax, receive, and co-create with our higher self. Learn to use your energy correctly and wisely as who you are and be aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Q-How can people learn more about your service/treatment/therapy?
A-People can book a consultation call by CLICKING HERE; They can also email me at  or visit my website;  I can also be followed on socila media at the following links: Instagram:  Joyful Journey Coaching’s private Facebook support group: Soulful Women’s Joyful Circle

Jenny Li Ciccone explains how EFT can be used to manage headaches and migraines in the YouTube video below.

If you are interested in taking an EFT class with Jenny Li Ciccone at Lotus Blossom Clinic, details can be found on our CALENDAR.