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Self Care & Kindness During Changing Times

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By Kandy Love, PhD, Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist, Energy & Emotional Healer, LMT (MA9704)



Change is often not easy nor wanted. Yet here we all are…changing…even rising to the occasion, and even more so adapting. Time actually becomes our friend as we adapt to different external expectations and rhythms, if we let it be.

What I have felt and witnessed during this COVID separation time for the people of this planet is a forced change into our innate ability of adaptability. Each of […]

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Coming Out of Hiding: Is It Safe?

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Are you ready to Come Out of Hiding?

As we make this determination for ourselves, and leaders in our governments and businesses make this determination on a larger scale, we at Lotus Blossom Clinic want to provide you with an empowering narrative…one which honors the exquisite design of our physical and energetic bodies. One which boosts our innate and adaptive immunity. Bottom Line: All of us can do more to create a fire-crackin’, freedom-boosting immune system using organic foods natural and holistic medicines and practices!

The new normal […]

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