21st Century Alzheimer’s Vaccine

Article #3 in the Alzheimer’s Series, December 2022

By Deb Martín, Holistic Health Educator

Alzheimer’s Disease is a complex illness, which means it has multiple–and often combined–causes.  Natural medicine practitioners are always looking for root causes, and here at Lotus Blossom Clinic, we see and treat patients with various types of brain issues, most typically Parkinson’s, “Essential” tremors, Bell’s Palsy, and strokes.  Our typical modalities of treatment are acupuncture, food as medicine, tai chi and qigong.  (Yes, acupuncture and/or combinations of these methods can successfully treat many tremor issues, and acupuncture often provides astonishing reversals of debilitating effects from strokes!)   But, as you’ll find out, we can also provide guidance and assistance for other neurological conditions.  And we are happy to work together with patients and their MD’s to help people get what they need.

Alzheimer’s is a condition that most people think of as an unfathomable disease, filled with anxiety and shrouded in mystery.  However, as unveiled in the first article in this series, it has been well researched and patients have been treated with high success rates using a system you can think of as a 21st Century Vaccine.  It all starts with causative testing (see categories in the the first article, “The Eight Causes of Alzheimer’s”).

In this third article in the Alzheimer’s series, we will cover the primary underlying conditions which create the causes of Alzheimer’s.  This all comes from a system of functional testing and natural medicine solutions forming the basis of a program of protocols.  Through these articles, you will come to appreciate the practicality and finesse of Dr. Dale E. Bredesen, an MD and UCLA Researcher who, in 2018, published the results of his protocol system on 100 patients.  The subsequent book is called “The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s”.  The stories of people who dug their way out and back to normal life will bring hope to your heart!

The Antidote is Found

In Dr. Bredesen’s book, “The End of Alzheimer’s Program, The First Protocol to Enhance Cognition and Reverse Decline at Any Age”, he outlines the beginning of the antidote.  The cause or causes must be identified.  And surprisingly, this 21st Century Vaccine for Alzheimer’s has these unusual characteristics:

  • No injection
  • No thermerisol
  • No mercury
  • No Guillain-barre risk (paralysis)

There are various Functional tests to determine what may be causing such issues as chronic inflammation.  A whole science exists within the realm of Functional Medicine, and we are here to help you and work with you, your MD or other medical practitioners to help connect the pieces of a person’s puzzle, using appropriate tests.  This program includes finding answers based on testing primary causitive factors, and we will address each one briefly:

  1. Insulin Resistance
  2. Unrecognized chronic inflammation
  3. Vitamins D3, B12 and Zinc Deficiencies
  4. Occult (hidden) Infection from tick bites (e.g. Babesia, Borrelia or Ehrlichia)
  5. Viral infections such as Herpes simplex or HHV-6
  6. Unrecognized exposure to mycotoxins, the poisons produced by some molds


Insulin Resistance

According to WebMD, “Insulin resistance is when cells in your muscles, fat, and liver don’t respond well to insulin and can’t use glucose from your blood for energy.  To make up for it, your pancreas makes more insulin. Over time, your blood sugar levels go up.”

The answer to whether or not your body is managing sugar levels appropriately in your cells is found by blood testing A1C and fasting blood sugar.  You can reverse this condition with food.  We’ve seen patients with blood sugar levels near the 400’s, and within 3-4 days they drop down to a fasting level of 120, which is in the normal range.  Yes, insulin resistance is nearly always a food problem!


Unrecognized Chronic Inflammation

Recent studies quote figures as high as 93% of Americans are metabolically challenged by both insulin resistance AND chronic inflammation.  Most people don’t even know it.  As the old story goes with the frog placed on the stove in a pot of cool water, as it heats up the frog simply becomes lazy and doesn’t even attempt to jump out of the pot.  Instead, the frog is lulled into complacency.  It stays in the pot and is cooked.

Again, a major problem in our modern society is the food…and much of that is fake, chemical-laden non-food.  Most people also don’t realize the damage of typical cooking oils or modern wheat.  And sugar….sugar…sugar.  Our bodies are not evolutionarily equipped to manage this onslaught of damaging food intake.  They all create inflammation.

And of course, there are other causes of inflammation such as injury, stress, and chemicals and poisons.


Vitamins D3, B12 and Zinc

These days, it almost goes without saying that our soils are depleted, and the mono-crop and other modern agricultural products of tilling have broken the healthy chain of the microbiome of our soils.  Not to mention GMO’s and pesticides which prevent the uptake of minerals and vitamins by the plants that are grown for consumption.  Even organic growing methods are often not enough.  We need supplementation.

A blood test will easily determine if you are lacking in these essential nutrients. The information about blood levels of important nutrients in your blood such as these is easily obtained via a blood test.  And for most of us, any deficiency is easily resolved with certain foods and quality supplementation.  We can help with this too!


Occult Infections

Occult means “hidden”.  Lymes Disease, Babesia, Borrelia and Ehrlichia are examples of pathogenic infections received from tick bites.  And they are bad for the brain on many levels.  These must be discovered through testing, and the treatment may take a while.  This isn’t an easy pill solution.


Viral Infections

I bet most of you have had a cold sore more than once in your life, and it is a very common viral infection. The herpes virus which causes this is with you since the time your body first encountered it.  As long as your immune system is strong, it battles this virus and keeps it from bothering you.  But when your immunity is low, there it comes again!

Not only is this an annoying issue, but research has shown the tendrils of the herpes virus extend not only into the mouth and lips, but also up into the brain.  Nasty!  These infections such as Herpes Simplex, Shingles and other viruses must be treated.  We can help with these as well.  Medicinal Mushrooms and Lysine are some of the solutions.  Avoiding peanuts may be another mitigating factor.  They contain a bad actor, a bacteria called Aflatoxin, which disrupts the immune system.



Stated in common terms, these are the toxic excretions of molds.  Many of them can be airborne.  It is a major problem in warm, humid climates, and for those who live with them and don’t know it, neurological symptoms may be their first clue.  These can be highly toxic and create very, very serious, long-term problems.  These must be treated, but they must first be discovered.



We all need to be mindful of the above issues.  Not only are they causative factors for Alzheimer’s, but you can spot some other diseases which can be positively dealt with by prevention!  Diseases such as heart disease and diabetes are obvious problems that result from the first factors, Insulin Resistance and Chronic Inflammation.  To broaden the scope of effect, these issues underly many other diseases such as mental illness, which encompasses a huge arena of issues and diagnoses.

If you or someone you love has any of the above conditions, is experiencing memory problems, or whose family has a history of Alzheimer’s, please encourage them to test and take preventive measures for a longer and happier life.  Give us a call for a consultation and further information.  AND…stay tuned for more articles in this series!


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With a Clear Mind,

Dr. David and Deb Martin
Lotus Blossom Clinic



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