Cold and Flu, Natural and Home Remedies

COLD AND FLU, Natural Home remedies

  1. The Garlic Foot Compress.  See attached for this 90-percent-home-run remedy!
  2. 1000-3000 Units of a high quality Vitamin C. We carry one.  You can get good brands at a health food store as well.
  3. “Ching-Ching” (affectionate name Vickie gave this powerful pair of Chinese Herbal pills).  These are small, serious immune booster tablets that should be in everyone’s medicine cabinets.  Take 4 of each, 4 X day.  Make sure there is some food in your belly.  These are available at the clinic.  I think it’s under $30 for both bottles.
  4. The small black pill is Gan Mao Ling.  Take this before you are sick as a preventive.  Good to take when you are being exposed to viruses with the kids, when you’re on a plane, or you’ve pushed too hard and know your system is weak.
  5. The small yellow-green pill is Yin Chiao.   This will actually make you FEEL better when you are sick.  And it’s good to also take the little black pills along with these.  That would be 8 pills, taken 4 X day, separated by 4-6 hours in between doses.  Do this while you are sick, and 2-3 days afterwards.  At that point, you should be fine.
  6. Coconut Oil – For adults when sick with colds or flu, take 4 Tablespoons, 4 x day, separated by 4-6 hours.  Put it in foods…cook with it.  Take it off a spoon.  However you do it, just get it “IN”!   For kids, I’d lower each dosage to a teaspoon or less.
  7. MUSHROOMS – The entire mushroom family has immune-boosting capacity.  Mushroom soup could be very good idea!  And we carry strong supplements:  A small bottle with powders of 17 mushrooms (30 capsules) called “MyCommunity” for $20 and a larger bottle with 60 capsules for $40.  We also carry Immune Builder at the clinic, it’s a much larger bottle of 150 capsules and is on sale now for $50 (Dec 2017 – Jan 2018, while supplies last!)    We have “vetted” the suppliers.  All Mushroom capsules on the market are NOT created equal.
  8. ESSENTIAL OILS – Be sure to use a medical-grade brand.  We carry doTERRA.  The following are helpful for external and internal use:  1)  OnGuard, Oregano (natural antibiotic–and “Breathe” are all effective to help your immune system win this war!
  9. OTHER FOODS to Eat:
    • Raw Garlic with Pasta: Our favorite for taste, consistency, and nutrition is Black Bean Pasta.  Avoid the gluten.  You can find black bean pasta at Ada’s and Earth Origins.  Buy any reasonably-good Pesto Sauce and ADD more freshly-chopped garlic.
    • RAW, local Honey. Also Earth Origins carries a Manuka Honey and Bee Propolis cough drop that is AWESOME.
    • Cinnamon – shake it on oatmeal (and include the coconut oil and honey).
    • Ginger – Cook with it. Most effective in a smoothie.  Start with 1” in a smoothie, and work up to as much as you can stand when you are sick!
    • Raw Chocolate – we carry it in various forms at the clinic.   $16 for a BIG bag of raw cacao powder.  You can make hot chocolate with it, add stevia and a little almond milk.  Yumm.    ALSO, we carry raw chocolates, as you know. These are  anything BUT candy.  They are strong South American Medicine.  $15 for a tin.




Viruses typically do not like heat.  Heating the body up in a hot tub of water can be helpful to weaken and kill a virus.


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