A New Way to Feel Better Fast

By Deb Martín, Holistic Health Educator

May, 2022

The year 2022 came in with a powerful energy as Dr. David Martín received his certification in Acupoint Injection Therapy (AIT). Dr. Michelle Brown has used AIT successfully for many years, so both of our physicians are ready and able to help.  Today’s article will provide an overview of this natural and holistic approach to helping people resolve painful injuries, chronic pain, as well as boost immunity and energy levels FAST using AIT.

Acupoint Injection Therapy
“Acupuncture Point Injection, or Acupoint Injection Therapy (AIT), is an integrative therapy that blends the best of Chinese medicine with conventional and homeopathic medicine.  Employing this technique, an AIT-certified Acupuncture Physician injects natural therapeutic substances, such as homeopathic remedies or vitamins, into acupuncture points specific to your wellness needs.  By stimulating powerful acupuncture points with proven natural substances, we create a healing climate in the body for deeper healing.


What is Available?
In a nutshell, our initial offerings include:
• B12 to quickly boost energy, brain health…and more
• Homeopathic remedies for joints and soft tissue injuries
• Glutathione for immunity and natural detox
For those concerned about the pain of a shot, this is a tiny syringe, and the needle is quite thin.  It’s a quick prick, small injection and you are done.

B12:  The “Energy Vitamin”

B12 is known as the “energy vitamin”, but what many don’t realize is many other key roles it plays in our health, including bone and brain health. Could it be that someone’s tremor could go away with B12 supplementation or a quick AIT injection?  It is possible.  (And that’s only one example.)  When needed, a simple injection of B12 vitamin goes into the muscle and is quickly distributed throughout the body and brain.

Unfortunately, B12 deficiency is entirely too common.  Ask your doctor for a blood test to check your levels of B12, D, Glutathione, Thyroid hormones, and more key health factors.  Bring your blood test results in and have a consultation regarding how to steer your health in the best direction with foods, supplementation, and lifestyle.

Want to know what your body says quicker than you can get a blood test ordered, blood drawn and receive results?  Schedule a Live Blood Cell session with Dr. David.  Evidence of adequate B12 can be “seen” in the blood cells via the microscope and viewing screen.

The sources of B12 in food are primarily limited to consumables such as animal products, honey, mushrooms and beans.  And we need ENOUGH of it to function properly.  What if the digestive tract isn’t working perfectly?  This can happen to anyone, especially with processed and chemical-laden foods. Serious digestive troubles are also common in many who eat gluten. After 50 years of age, lower levels of enzymes are common, which means people are not getting enough of the nutrients out of foods.

Vegans have a special challenge getting enough B12.  Dr. David sees more weak blood in vegans than in other dietary preferences, and therefore vegans must be educated and vigilant about diet AND supplementation in order to get enough B12 to keep their body and brain humming. Yes, there are great B12 liquid vitamins.  We carry some.  But if you want B12 to absorb in enough quantities quickly, a B12 “shot” is a great answer.  You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is at Lotus Blossom Clinic!  The cost is less than eating dinner at most restaurants.

Some Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency (anemia):
• Weak muscles
• Numb or tingling feeling in hands and feet
• Trouble walking
• Nausea
• Decreased appetite
• Weight loss
• Irritability
• Lack of energy

No need for an appointment…just call ahead, and nearly always we can squeeze you in for a B12 injection.  239-277-1399


Arthritis & other Chronic Pain
AIT is particularly effective for the resolution of acute and chronic pain in the body, particularly in the shoulder, back, knee and neck.

An Alternative to Cortisone Shots: 
We now have an effective homeopathic solution—a natural and safe alternative medicine–to the more commonly injected cortisone.  Cortisone literally stops the body’s natural healing processes.

Soft Tissue Injuries
If you have been throwing the baseball too hard, or you tripped and strained a muscle, tore a ligament or experienced other soft tissue damage, we have excellent, sterile and safe homeopathic injectables to help heal the injured area more quickly.

Glutathione for Immunity

Glutathione is a major player in our immune health.  It is a protective hormone/antioxidant which is key to health, both from the behind-the-scenes detoxing it does daily, to the active protection it provides against viral diseases. Nature provides it in foods such as artichokes, asparagus and avocados.  Covid actually has a mechanism which disables our body’s own protection of this key hormone.  This depletion of available glutathione paved the way for serious illness for many people.

An AIT Glutathione “shot” provides glutathione into your system for fast absorption.


Book an appointment to see one of our Acupuncture Physicians and learn more!  They are available for treatments including acupuncture, TuiNa massage, herbal consultations, laser therapy, cupping Live Blood Cell sessions and more.  Dr. David or Dr. Michelle will be glad to examine you, and provide treatments.  During your session, they will ask questions, answer your questions, and provide you with further recommendations regarding which of the Acupoint Injection Therapies may be helpful for you.

Off the Meds: The Surprising Path to Wellness, Dr. Michelle Brown, JD AP, AIT, Balboa Press, 2019.

In Wellness,

Dr. David and Deb Martin
Lotus Blossom Clinic

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