Help your baby achieve good mental development

By Deb Martin, Holistic Health Educator

March 2016

 DHA is essential to life, and it is one of the most important nutrients needed for a developing fetus’ brain and eyes.  Indeed, this Omega-3 fatty acid is found in EVERY cell of the body.  It actually forms the cell membrane of the energy-producing part of our cells called the mitochondria.   It is highly concentrated in the retina and heart muscle cells as well.  Up to 15% of the weight of baby’s brain is DHA, and it comprises 93% of the oil content of the developing baby’s retina. Clearly DHA is needed for mental Development.

“DHA is one of the hottest buzz words in nutritional medicine. Short for docosahexaenoic acid, it is one of the most important omega-3 fatty acids needed for optimal health.” 

– Dr. Sarah Brewer, well-known medical doctor in England.

DHA is so important to the development of baby’s brain in the late stages of pregnancy that if the mother does not get enough DHA in her diet, Mother Nature will literally hijack it from—and shrink–her brain.  This explains why some women experience brain fog and forgetfulness toward the end of their pregnancies.   This simply means they need more DHA in their diet!


Sources of DHA

DHA is obtained mostly thru diet, and sadly, the typical American diet is quite insufficient in this nutrient.   DHA is found in the fatty fish such as salmon, trout, tuna, sardines, and in eggs (organic, please!) and organ meats (e.g. a cow’s heart or liver).


Important to know:   A very rich source of DHA is found in certain algae.  It’s what the fish eat to get their DHA!   So, vegetarians are not left out.   We carry such an algae at our clinic in the form of a healthy chocolate called the Omega Square.  It contains orange rind and flax seed in it too—total yummy. We call this our “heart and brain” chocolate.


How much DHA is required for pregnant women?   The consensus of opinion seems to be between 350-450 mg of Omega-3 oil should be consumed daily.  Most American’s consume only about 100 mg daily.


Healthy Suggestions: 

  • When you eat fish, make sure it is Wild Caught, not the farmed fish fed GMO corn and pumped with antibiotics. We suggest pregnant women eat fish twice a week.  (and anyone else too!)
  • Asparagus and cilantro are mercury-detoxing foods. It is great to pair one or both of these vegetables with meals containing fish.
  • You may supplement with algae source of DHA. This DHA will not contain mercury like fish do.  (Mercury is directly linked to rising rates of autism.)  You’ll find an excellent DHA supplement at .


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