Acupuncture and Back Pain

Back pain is common.

Almost all of us has experienced back pain at one time or another. It is very common and one of the main complaints among Americans.  It is from this complaint that we seek medical attention and lose days from work more often than almost any other. The statistic that I have read says that about 50% of us will experience this pain in our lives.


What causes back pain?

The Back is very complex. If you look at just the spine with 7 cervical, 12 thoracic and 5 lumbar vertebrae stacked on top of the sacrum and coccyx. You get a huge hint of all the places that can create a pain in the back.  When you add in all the nerves that can get pinched or inflamed, the number of places for something to go wrong is enormous.  With all that said the typical problem is caused by us doing something we should not be doing like lifting incorrectly or lifting too much.  As we get older discs can degenerate and joints can get inflamed.


What can acupuncture do?

Acupuncture has well documented history of diminishing or eliminating back pain. There are modern studies that demonstrate the efficacy of acupuncture for treating this pain.  I see many patients that have been to many doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists that got relief from acupuncture. While there is nothing wrong with those modalities, acupuncture often works when other things have failed.

Acupuncture can be used to treat both chronic and acute back pain, however the chronic long-term pain usually takes more time to diminish.


Are there other natural – alternative treatments?

Yes there are other treatments and we offer some of them at Lotus Blossom Clinic our holistic healing center.  Massage can be very useful for diminishing and eliminating pain, and people often get great relief from energy healing such as Reike or Polarity Therapy.  In addition, one often- overlooked way of treating pain, especially chronic pains is through the foods you are eating. Some foods can increase your pain and inflammation while other foods diminish your pain.  Check out our food consultations and food as medicine classes.

One of many testimonials we’ve received:

When I went to see David Martin A.P. I was in a lot of back pain. I could not walk right or climb a flight of stairs. I had been to my chiropractor many times and had different treatments done that resulted in no relief. I was introduced to David Martin through a work associate. She and her husband had great results with his acupuncture. I decided to try the acupuncture myself since nothing else was giving me relief. After one treatment my back pain was gone and now I can walk and climb a flight of stairs with no pain. I would recommend this treatment and David Martin A.P. for anyone that has pain.”  – Brenda B.

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