Acupuncture for Shoulder and Arm Pain

Shoulder Pain is one of the maladies treated most often in our acupuncture clinic.

Shoulder pain and arm pain is often treated with acupuncture points on the meridians that traverse the arm, shoulder and neck.  Six meridians go through this area. Some end at the armpit or in the chest and some go up to the face and head.  This represents a huge number of points that can be used to treat shoulder and arm pain.

Acupuncture point selection strategy

Points can be chosen because they are “local” to the area of pain.  So as you may have guessed points on the six meridians close to this pain can be use to treat the local pain.

Another way points are selected is tied to the diagnosis of the problem. When the acupuncturist looks at your face, tongue, hands, skin, eyes and checks you pulse he/she gains information about you and based on that information can choose points that can help the underlying cause of the pain.  Sure your arm hurts and that needs to be addressed but the question of why your arm hurt often requires an answer.  We talk about this sort of treatment as treating the root of the problem while just addressing the pain is treating the branch of the problem.

Treatments – acupuncture, Heat, massage, energy healing, food healing.

In our clinic we use acupuncture, electrical stimulation, infrared heat and Tui-na massage to alleviate this kind of shoulder pain.

What I most commonly see is pain along the anterior deltoid that radiates from the neck or shoulder blade.

We have several massage therapists that specialize in different techniques to help relieve pain. Some of these techniques, include orthopedic massage, Aaron Mattis (streching),  trigger point therapy, swedish, deep tissue, and tuina,

We also have energy workers such Reiki masters, polarity therapy, hypnotists, Theta healing, crystal Bowl meditations, and a John of God Crystal bed.  Many times your pain is due in part to what foods your are eating or not eating so we have people trained in food healing that can help you get on the right track and stay on the right track.

Our mission is to help as many people as we can to have better health.