Animal Reiki

By Pattie Carney, RN, Certified Usui and Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher
February 1, 2022

Intro By Deb Martín

Looking for a Natural Medicine and Holistic Healing Mecca?  We currently have more than 20 practitioners at Lotus Blossom Clinic, covering the worlds of Chinese Medicine, functional medicine (including food as medicine), many forms of massage therapy and energy medicine, Qigong, sound healing, yoga therapy, family therapy, and oh so much more!


In this issue we look into one of our favorite Energy Medicine practices called Reiki and how it can benefit our animal companions.

It takes courage to step outside the known boundaries and belief systems within which one has been working and to bravely explore into the realms of great possibilities. Pattie Carney has done just that.

For several years now, Pattie has been Lotus Blossom Clinic’s Master Teacher of Usui & Holy Fire Reiki, a form of energy healing originally from Japan. She is the host of monthly Reiki Shares, and also gives private Reiki sessions.  In addition, with her total love of animals, she is trained in Animal Communication and has been practicing this a long time!

New Monthly Offering:  Pattie offers outdoor Animal Reiki sessions at the clinic during one special event each month.  (See the Image with Pattie Carney giving Reiki for little Xena, Dr. David and Deb’s beloved companion of over 15 years!)

This month Pattie has two events scheduled.

  • Online Reiki the 1st Tuesday of each month…
  • A very special Animal and their Person Reiki on February 12th.

(Check our online calendar for details.)

And now let’s peek inside Pattie’s world.  You’ll have a sense of her kind, positive, and loving heart.  So perfect for February, the Month of Love!

Our Beloved Animal Companions

Our animal friends are pure love in our lives!  They are teachers and companions, an individual expression of the Divine within them.  As you look into their eyes, feel their loving energy.  You are touching the love in your deep heart.  They are a mirror reflecting back to you your innate beauty and Light.

We are in union with the animals on this life path, as we are part of the animal kingdom with them. Acknowledging our place in the circle, we open to our Divine Connection with the animals, Mother Nature and Mother Earth.  We truly are all related, all one.  Animal Reiki energy is a gift we offer them, and ourselves, and they openly receive it.

Reiki is a healing and revealing for people and animals.  The animals love Reiki whether in person or at a distance.  Animal Reiki is its own unique frequency of animal life force energy.

Reiki Benefits include:

  • Reduces stress (Is your animal friend feeling your stress, known as animal compassion fatigue?)
  • Assists with physical comfort in aging, injured or ill animals.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • May assist with behavioral concerns.
  • Assists with Compassionate Euthanasia and
  • End-of-life support.


Insights and Results of Animal Reiki

Testimony (Betsy, NY):
“Dot surprises me every day.  The changes are clear.  I saw her about 15 minutes after Reiki #2, and she was talking, talking, talking.  She’s never been talkative.  I told her I was glad she was talking to you and letting you help her…. I’m so excited about the changes!”
Note:  Dot is a cat who lives outside and Betsy has, in a sense, adopted her and provides for her for many years now.  Their connection is awesome!

Consult the Lotus Blossom Clinic website calendar for monthly Animal Reiki Clinics, which are planned to become a monthly, outdoor event!

Also check out our Spoonful Experiences YouTube Channel.  Here is one of my favorites from Pattie.


Learn and be Attuned to Animal Reiki

Coming in April, you too can learn to give Reiki to your animal friends!

Animal Reiki I & II
with Pattie Carney, Animal Reiki Master
April 23 & 24
9:00am – 6:00pm (ET)
Part of the class will be on Zoom and part will be in person on a field trip to be with the animals sending them Reiki.
Cost:  $375

Prerequisite: Human Reiki I & II in any Reiki lineage
(Requesting a copy of your Reiki certificate)

Register with Pattie at or


See more about Pattie on our website’s Practitioner Page.



Be in Love,

Dr. David and Deb Martin

Lotus Blossom Clinic



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