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Right now, let’s explore the unique and ancient medical therapy of Thai Massage with nationally-CEU-accredited teacher and practitioner, Kristine Traught.  Take it away, Kristine….

Thai Massage as Movement Therapy

One of the most typical issues we face as we age is losing our mobility. Sadly, this isn’t just an issue for people in the latter stages of life anymore. Now younger generations are losing mobility at an alarming rate and we need to ask ourselves… 


Simply put, Americans are becoming increasingly sedentary. It’s now commonplace for people to not leave their homes to go to work, to socialize, or even to go shopping.  Many of us work jobs that keep us tied to a desk for most of the day. When you consider that most have converted their free time into screen time using phones, laptops, and computers in these same stationary positions it’s easy to see – we have a major problem.

Many of you have already figured this out, remaining active in sports and leisure activities.  Maybe a sedentary life is not the issue, but you want to increase your mobility allowing you to participate in your favorite activities at a higher level or pain-free.  You should continue reading as well.

How does this impact us?

Movement is the key to life, stop moving and fail to thrive. 

Today, the lack of proper movement is directly influencing the health and wellness of a huge portion of our population. Research proves that sedentary lifestyles are a major contributor to ailments that’re directly linked to their lack of movement. Plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, sciatica, IBS, depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart conditions, and headaches. I can go on and on listing all the lifestyle issues that can have a lack of movement as a primary or contributing factor. 

I’ve seen this first hand as a massage therapist for nearly two decades. My career started here in Florida where I worked with a high percentage of people who were 60 or older. I had one observation emerge very early on. When people continued to move and be active, they were happier and healthier. On the opposite end, when people stopped moving and being active their quality of life became poor. The old adage “A rolling rock gathers no moss” became a truth to me and a way that I could explain the need for movement to others. After a decade of training in different types of bodywork, I found the cure – it was Thai massage. 

Thai Massage

Movement is one of the main goals of a Thai massage. When I talk about movement I’m not just talking about the mobility of muscles and limbs. I’m also speaking about ALL energy driven movement in the body; the movement of fluids like blood and lymph, hormone transportation, nerve conduction, digestion, and even breathing.

In Thailand, Thai massage is categorized into a branch of traditional Thai medicine called “energy work”. The energy is called “Lom” which translates into wind. By describing energy like wind, they’re relating it to the quality of wind which is movement and referring to all pathways that are involved in moving energy throughout the body. 

Here are some ways that Thai Massage is different:

1)     Thai massage is performed on a floor mat – this allows for full movement of the entire body.

2)     The mat is much larger than a table and is very thick so clients never feel the floor beneath. It’s much like lying on a firm mattress. 

3)     The client is fully clothed in loose-fitting or sports style clothing, allowing for comfortable movement. 

4)     The treatment doesn’t use any oils or lotions, focusing instead on rhythmic pressing of the tissues to increase flow. 

5)     A typical Thai massage session is 90 minutes which allows ample time to perform all techniques including; warming up, mobility work, and cooling down.

Thai massage creates positive and beneficial movement in the body using acupressure, joint mobilization, and passive stretching. These are all the movements necessary to counteract a sedentary lifestyle and help maintain an active one.  It utilizes techniques that will increase your flexibility, decrease your stiffness, and improve joint function. Since this is an effortless way for you to get movement therapy incorporated into your life and experience immediate results, I would strongly recommend booking a session.

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With Metta (loving kindness),

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