Alzheimer’s Disease is the 6th leading cause of death in North America, and what was once shrouded in mystery and thought to be untreatable is now found to be both preventable and treatable.  In fact, a doctor from Tampa  has written a book about reversing her husband’s near-severe Alzheimer’s using coconut oil:   What if there was a Cure?  by Dr. Mary Newport

The cost?  Organic, Cold Pressed Coconut oil is slightly over $20 for 78 oz (over 2 lbs) at Costco.



ALZHEIMER’S NOW CLASSIFIED AS A DIABETIC CONDITION  Dementia and other brain diseases such as Parkinson’s.  Alzheimer’s is now classified as a Diabetes “Type 3” condition, and it is directly linked to the type of fat surrounding your brain cells…the membranes of the cells.   The idea that insulin resistance was at the root of the problem in many Alzheimer’s’ brains first surfaced in Canada in 2005.


Vegetable Oil Fats and Trans fats (damaged by heat during manufacturing processes or when used in cooking) are not properly permeable.  Glucose cannot penetrate the cell, and glucose is the normal cell food.  This is a problem which can be solved by keytones, a different source of fuel found in coconut oil.   (Of course, this insulin resistance problem affects other systems, as referenced in last month’s article on the effects of oils in Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Attacks.


Yes, insulin resistance problems in the brain have been shown to cause various forms of


“Vegetable Oil Conspiracy” Gave Saturated Fats a Bad Reputation

There was a misinformation campaign aggressively promoted by the vegetable oil industry in the 1970’s (some may argue it was earlier, ala post World War II).   People saw enough commercials and read enough “heart-healthy” labels about vegetable oils to believe that oils such as Canola Oil were a good thing.  (Don’t get me started…)  This misinformation has caused significant damage to the health of America.   It’s right up there with High Fructose Corn Syrup.  (BTW, did you know the FDA recently approved a new description for High Fructos Corn Syrup?  Get this:   “Natural Sugar”.  What?!  Now you can’t believe the label unless it says “Organic Sugar”).


A Quick explanation of Saturated fats (the Good Guys):

“Saturated” means these oils have NO SEAT on their chemical “bus” for a free radical to sit down.  They aren’t damaged during cooking, like vegetable oils are.   Free radicals damage healthy cells.  When you hear about (or smell) an oil which is rancid, it’s definitely filled-to-overflowing with free radicals.  To some extent, you can minimize the damage of eating free-radical-laden oils by eating something with high antioxidants.   I carry around cloves and raw Xocai chocolates for such occasions.  These keep me healthy and younger both inside and all the way to my skin!

Coconut oil is a most amazing oil—unlike any other in its chemical structure with 9 different types of fatty acids and its unparalleled array of healing abilities.  Butter and Ghee are also  saturated fats.

What about the Omegas?    Most people have heard about Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 oils (fatty acids).   You probably recognize the term Omega 3 and know it is a “good” oil.  You are right!   But that is often the extent of most people’s knowledge.   This is understandable;  there is a lot to know about oil!    When you finish this article (and next month’s completing installment), you will know WHAT to eat to protect your brain, and WHAT TO AVOID whenever possible.  You already got the COCONUT OIL idea, didn’t you???   (and butter and ghee…)


OMEGA 3:  The “Good Guys”

Your body loves Omega 3 fatty acids, and your cell walls are made of a particular form of this oil, when it is available.  Omega 3 Oils keep your cells operating optimally for daily input (energy supplies) and outgo (waste management).   There are 3 types of Omega 3 oils.  ALA is found in plants and seeds (our favorite seed is Chia).  Most known for their anti-inflammatory effects, they also thin the blood.   The other two forms of Omega 3 are EPA &  DHA.  These are from fish, fish oils and marine sources.



SALMON:  Salmon is a good source of a particular type of Omega 3 called DHA.  The most nutritious source of Omega 3’s comes from WILD Caught Salmon and krill.   Farm fishing involves too many disease promoting processes such as feeding the fish GMO corn, sprinkling the heavily-populated tanks with antibiotics, etc.  (Note:  We have heard that Whole Foods’ farmed salmon comes from a European source that uses superior processes…probably ocean-based rather than tanks).

A word about the new Frankenfish (aka AquAdvantage) – the DHA profile is not as favorable as the real salmon fish. I also has DNA from a poisonous eel and another cold-water fish, one chosen for its year-round growth cycle and the other for turning on a hormone in the salmon that allows the year-round growth.  At least the salmon’s DNA is smashed together only with other fish and not with strange bacteria.   Costco, Whole Foods, and Publix are among the retail outlets who will not sell this GMO animal.   They are not playing with our genetics in this upcoming experiment on unsuspecting people.


KRILL OIL & Other Fish Oils:  The krill is tiny shrimp-like creature which comes from the cold waters, e.g. Alaska.   I have friends who swear by its virtues.   I think they are correct!   Your Grandma may have shoved a spoon of Cod Liver Oil down your throat.  It was a good thing.


ALGAE:  Tiny sea plants which come in several colors.  Astaxanthin, for example, is red and comes from Hawaii.   These algae are healthiest when harvested from more pristine waters, and algae is the originating source of DHA.  It is eaten by the small fish which are eaten by the bigger fish, so it becomes more concentrated in a larger fish, such as the salmon.



At Lotus Blossom Clinic we carry a Metagenics EPA/DHA supplement and take it ourselves every day for our own brains.   Omega 3 DHA is a powerhouse for cellular functions.  For starters, during REM sleep is when electrical pathways form long-term memories.  That process requires DHA.


DHA is a PRIMARY NUTRITIONAL consideration for pregnant Moms, along with Folic Acid (Vitamin B-9).  DHA is essential for the development of a healthy fetal brain (and heart).  This is so true that if a mother is deficient in DHA for her developing fetus’ needs, her own brain is “mined” in order to provide the fetus what it needs.  This actually causes brain shrinkage in the mother.  If nature thinks DHA is that important for the creation of the next generation and survival of the species, guess what…it’s important for us at any age.


DHA is key in many science-based, food-healing protocols which involve the brain and ANY AUTOIMMUNE condition.   It is front and center in the Alzheimers, Autism/ADD and other  brain-function Food-Healing Protocols in  Conquering Any Disease Food Healing System, in which we are certified instructors.  Other protocols such as Terry Wahls, M.D.’s “Wahls Protocol” teach and promote DHA for healing the brain (and heart).



For radiant health and youthfulness, we DEFINITELY want to have at least as much Omega 3 as Omega 6.  This is where it gets HARD in today’s world of processed foods and handy restaurants.    Stay tuned for next month’s article, which I may entitle “The Dark Side of Oils you Consume”.


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