Brigitte Haegdorens

TuiNa & Shiatsu Massage, 
Feng Shui & Art Therapy

Brigitte grew up in Belgium and has lived in the US for over 30 years. She has a degree in Social Work from Belgium, a degree of Graphic Design from the US, and studied massage at the Denver School of Massage Therapy. She moved to Florida one year ago. She has 4 adults children and a darling 8 year old granddaughter.

Her training on how to create health and wellness started about 11 years ago in her quest to Jind solutions for her own health issues. First of all, she fully regained her own health and wellness, overcoming 25 + years of severe lower back pain, complete exhaustion, and more. Now she is very excited to share her knowledge and expertise in SW Florida.

She is a massage professional who specializes in the Wellbeing Method Massage ( She trained to mastery level in this amazing holistic bio-­‐ energetic method, which works with the body’s meridian and energy systems, is based on Ayurvedic principles, and uses a therapeutic blend of ancient oriental techniques. She also teaches this method, privately, semi-­‐privately and in small groups.

She currently offers full body massages and Asian foot massages.

She has 11 year of experience working with clients of all walks of life (from CEOs, to celebrities, to so-­called “regular” people), privately and in spas of 5 star hotels in Denver and Chicago. She has learned a lot about the body, both from her own recovery and maintaining her health, and from her work with her clients (800 -­‐1,000 per year).

She is a certified Holistic Feng Shui consultant and teaches classes of this comprehensive holistic Feng Shui, which she has trained in to Mastery level. This type of Feng Shui aims to bring some awesome energy into your home and your life. It is done according to your taste and style and for all budgets.


Brigitte’s training in various aspects of health and wellness continues. For example, she is currently training to become a holistic coach.

Brigitte is also a visual artist, and offers “Art as Therapy” classes. She is a martial artist (2nd degree black belt in Neo martial Arts), instructor of a unique combo of Taichi/Qigong/yoga, and an instructor of archery and self defense for women.