Part 1:  Many cases should NOT be Conventionally Treated!

“Cancer does not end in Death.  Life ends in Death.  Cancer is a wakeup call to Life. ”  
– Gabriel Hoffman, author of Cancer is a Myth

Everyone knows that over the last few decades, the U.S.’s incidence of cancer has skyrocketed.  We all have experienced the loss of friends and loved ones who have died from cancer…or more often from the side effects of their treatments.  While smoking, foods such as high-fructose corn syrup (found in the majority of pre-packaged food), GMOs, poisons in the environment, and other suspect factors are certainly involved in cancer, there’s more to the story.  And here’s one part that is truly sad…

Recent science shows that people are being diagnosed, treated–and unnecessarily damaged (or dare I say “killed”?) by Conventional Cancer Treatments.  For example, we have known for several years that most men over a certain age have “prostate cancer”.  But did you know that most prostate cancer has a  v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w growth rate?   Most of these men do not die from—and may have little inconvenience due to– the “disease” before something else takes them.  However, conventional cancer therapies may weaken them to the point that these men do suffer and die earlier from the effects of their treatments.

For women, recent research has produced evidence in the breast cancer arena that should be a wakeup call to everyone who marches off (unthinkingly) for mammograms, radiation and chemotherapy.  Here is today’s shocker:   A common breast cancer, Ductil Carcinoma Insitu, is now classified as a “benign” tumor which should NOT receive treatment.

  • Here’s the sad and shocking fact:  For the last 30 years, 1.3 million women have been treated with Conventional Medicine (radiation and chemo) for this type of breast cancer.  See Evolved Oncology Forum, January 5, 2015.


  • A large percentage of these women have died from the treatment or the effects of the treatment…which are known to also CAUSE cancer.
    • Radiation is especially notorious for causing cancer.  It also kills bone marrow, where immune cells are created.
    • Chemo tends to kill the weaker cells, leaving the stronger ones in a sort of dormant state…often coming  back later, with vigor.  Less than 3% of conventionally-treated cancer patients survive beyond 5 years.  These are pretty bleak statistics in terms of the “success” of Conventional Cancer Therapies.  Think maybe we, as a society, should be looking for true causes, alternative therapies and lifestyle changes??

Although various high-profile organizations do huge fundraising activities for cancer …and have for decades…we are just not seeing the results we expect from all that research money.   And because Prevention activities do not generate the level of profits that drugs, surgery and special equipment do, little is known or actively practiced in the general population regarding cancer prevention.  Certainly our lawmakers are often as uneducated as the general public, e.g. clueless.  This is more than sad because diseases, including cancer, are certainly preventable using food, Chinese Medicine, herbs, and acupuncture, prayer and other natural therapies.  It’s so much easier to prevent than to heal any chronic condition!  Plus, Prevention is usually about 30% of the cost, and it’s a lot more enjoyable to be healthy.

It is definitely time to stop and take account of what’s going on in the realm of cancer diagnosis and treatment.  If you or a loved one are faced with a diagnosis of cancer, we suggest these actions to Take Back the Power and Move into Healing:

  1. Do the Research.  Pause.  Catch your Breath.  Cancer doesn’t kill instantly.   There is time!  Fear usually makes hasty decisions.   Find out what current science and holistic medicine say “causes” the cancer.  Does the information seem “correct” to you?  What treatment, if any, makes sense for your individual case?   Check around with various types of medical specialties.  Make sure to consult with your Acupuncturist, Naturopath, Chiropractor, or other healers and Spiritual Guidance…sources you trust.   Don’t take one person’s word for it, even if they have an “M.D.” after their name.  They only know the part of the canvas they have studied, and it often is not the whole picture.


  1. Search Your Heart.  Clean up old wounds, anger and regrets, and fears.   Living with the negative chemical soup created in your body by these feelings sets the stage for disease.   Cancer may be the long-term result.  Talk with Dr. David or Christine Bronson, our Life Coach, who is highly experienced in emotional healing.  Her toolkit is extensive.  And you may be surprised at what David Maile knows.  He’s a licensed massage therapist, but oh so much more.


  1. Learn How to Use FOOD.  We have a cancer food healing class and a full healing protocol—ask to see the Conquering Any Disease protocol book and excellent recipes when you stop by.  Make your decision about treatment from a place of power rather than fear.


  1. Come in for a Health Assessment.  Dr. David and other caring Providers at Lotus Blossom Clinic have a vast amount of experience and are delighted to help you stay healthy and PREVENT disease.  Start with Dr. David or contact his wife Deb who does Food Healing Consultations ( .  Either Deb or David can also help direct you to the right Provider.

Maybe Conventional Medicine has some answers for you.  Maybe you decide to use an Integrative approach combining therapies from Conventional Medicine AND Natural Medicine.   Perhaps a totally Natural approach is for you.  Only you can decide, and we support you.  You get to be “right” because you are!   Just remember, though, M.D. does NOT mean “Minor Deity”, and M.D’s typically take only one class in nutrition in all their years of schooling.  We’ll wager to bet they don’t know how to target foods like the powerful phytochemicals in the Asparagus and Mushrooms for healing cancer!  Deb and Dr. David Martin do.
This article is the first in a three-part story.  Episode #2 will take you thru recent science on the causes of what our society calls “Cancer”.  There is new science to share…truly “breaking news”.   (BTW, Chinese Medicine considers cancer an Immune System issue.)  Episode #3 in the series will explore treatments which appear to be working far better than Conventional slash and burn treatments alone.  Of course, acupuncture, herbs, and foods are involved!
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