CANCER: What Causes the DNA Damage in the First Place?


Part 2 of 3 in our series on Cancer, 2015

What is the current science showing about the causes of cancer?  Cigarettes are well-known carcinogens, and there are other fairly well-known “causes” of cancer, so no need to cover those here.  In this article we’ll name and explore three other causes which are either quite new or not as well understood:

#1:   LACK OF AIR/OXYGEN.  This is NEW science.  This condition creates anaerobic stem-like cells which cannot function properly. This occurs due to toxicity in our bodies.  These cells get “lost” and don’t know what to do.  They become rogue, cancer cells.  (See references at bottom of this article for more info.)

Think about this:  If you are stressed and don’t exercise, you are not breathing deeply enough to get much oxygen into your body, are you?  And, cells have two methods of expelling waste which involve breathing…or not:

  • Respiration. Sounds like Breathing and Oxygen are involved, yes?  You are right!   Oxygenating your blood is normal and healthy.  Exercise is one excellent source.  Just take the dog for a walk every day!  Practicing activities like dancing, yoga, tai-chi and qi-gong will do the same.  Meditating by paying attention to your breath is great.  And there are simple breathing techniques we use which will leave your body tingling and fully energized.    Know someone who has had Cancer?  They need to oxygenate their bodies on a daily basis to help prevent a recurrence.  So do you.


  • Fermentation. That’s what whales do when they deep dive for long periods of time, in the absence of breathing oxygen.  Fermentation is a chemical process that creates toxic waste, and we humans simply don’t have the ability to remove the toxic waste created by the Fermentation process.


  • Bottom Line on the new science regarding WHAT causes Cancer:  THIS activity–the cells’ mitochondria switching to a Fermentation process when they are smothered in toxins and not able to “breathe”–is the initial start of the DNA damage which creates cancer cells.  So, yes, you should perhaps start breathing more oxygen, as discussed earlier.  That’s one good place to start, but there’s a lot more.  (Keep reading and stay tuned for our 3rd article in the series for more on that.)



People often do not know their true power to heal or to harm their own bodies through the power of Belief and Emotion.  Our thoughts and emotions can create perfect storms for disease because every thought we have puts out a chemical.  Are you bathing your cells in a clean, empowering bath of “good” from your brain chemicals?  Or are you stressed out, feeling unloved, victimized, worried thereby bathing yourself in stress chemicals?


We often advise people to spend time in spiritual practices.  Pray—whatever that looks like to you.  Go out in Nature—there’s plenty of evidence and communion possible with our Creator in nature.   Study religious texts.  Hang out with people who know how to love and accept you.  Just a few of many ideas to get in touch with your heart purpose and your God.



Unnatural fats, and of course, the many usual culprits in processed foods—are evolutionarily “new”, and our bodies don’t know what to do with them.  They are seen as poisons and often get stored in fat.  (Ever hear about people losing weight going thru “detox” symptoms??)  Sugar in many forms is being linked to cells going “rogue”.  This is especially true of high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives, GMOs, and other chemicals which the body can’t process, and/or are what cancer cells love to feed on.  These chemicals (think “free radicals”) are toxic to the cells.  Essentially, the cells can’t “breathe”, they become damaged, and the disease process is begun.


And it goes further.  Eating processed foods that are high in bad fats and sugars are typically low in nutrients.  The brain always thinks the body is “hungry” because it’s not getting enough necessary ingredients to fuel itself, and obesity is often the result of this relentless cycle of “not enough”.  (Get this:  Obesity is actually a starvation problem!)  Many studies link obesity to a high propensity for cancer.  Ask yourself this question:  Are you feeding your body the proper “fuel”, or are you starving and poisoning yourself with too much bad food??



Your body NEEDS whole, unadulterated fats.  If you are still afraid of saturated fats, listen up.  Your brain counts on it!  Your cells’ walls are created from fats.  Your brain has a high concentration of fats, and your hormones are created from it too.   Now answer this:   Do you give yourself enough GOOD fats to stay healthy?


Coconut Oil is, we think, THE BEST.  We eat 2-3 Tablespoons of it daily.   And coconut oil and ghee are the only cooking oils which do not change their chemical structure (become damaged, Free Radicals) when heated.   Cold pressed olive oil, (do not heat it!) is great stuff and has been shown to actually disarm many of the inflammatory proteins created by GMO foods.  RAW cacao and medicinal chocolates (we carry them) work similarly.


Think Fats make you Fat?   You may be surprised!   Coconut oil is thermogenic.  It raises your body temperature and burns calories!   The fully-saturated fat in avocados is very good for your arteries too.  It lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL).  Bottom Line:  The body needs and knows how to use these natural, fully-saturated fats (coconut oil, ghee, cocoa butter and olive oil, for example).


Stay tuned for Part 3 of this series where we will uncover some holistic treatments which appear to be working well to help people prevent & even “HEAL” from the condition we call “cancer”.  For more information:

  • Evolved Oncology Forum, Jan 5, 2015:


  • Killing Cancer, Not People, by Robert G. Wright


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