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Getting On With Life

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It was March, just before the Quarantine Lockdown, but the isolation was already beginning.  Dr. David’s wife, Deb Martin, could not sit still (metaphorically speaking) and just watch the Lotus Blossom Clinic Community seemingly dissolve into the mist of disconnection and social isolation.  

News from the mainstream media was dire, and there was fear.  Chinese Medicines and other science-backed natural solutions and protections for this sort of virus were not present in the news reports.  

The caring community at Lotus Blossom Clinic, practitioners and teachers, and those […]

The Many Faces of Anxiety

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By Dr. David Martin

To experience anxiety is to be human. When it becomes chronic, however, it gets in the way of the rest of our humanness. For some people, it is more than an inconvenience and it affects their lives and health negatively on many levels. We have seen people who are terrified to leave their home, others have panic attacks or depression. These are natural instincts gone awry. And I see a LOT of it. In fact, stress/anxiety is the 2nd most common reason people come to see me.

In Traditional […]

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

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Mindfulness and MBSR: A Personal Journey

Contributing Author: Anne Louise Kracmer, LCSW & Qualified MBSR Teacher




(forward by Deb Martin)


You’ve likely heard the term “Mindfulness Meditation”.  But do you know what that means?  Come along on the journey of discovery in this month’s article.  Discover more about Mindfulness which is practiced in many ways around the world.  It is truly a form of natural, holistic healing, and is also a wellness practice which you can easily learn to do for yourself or practice in a group.


You’ll now find Mindfulness practices being […]

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Yoga and You

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Yoga and You


Our Featured Author this month is Kandy Love, PhD, CIYT, LMT #9704.  She is first and foremost a kind, gifted and astute healer.  She is a yoga therapist and teacher-of-teachers, also practicing massage, energy healing and other methods of holistic healing. Many of you might know Kandy from the business she founded in the 1990’s called Health and Harmony.  It was the first–and highly successful–Holistic Wellness Center in SW Florida.  Kandy brings a wealth of knowledge and healing practices to us personally, as well as to our patients and clients at Lotus Blossom Clinic.  We are grateful […]

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Are Your Gifts Hiding In Plain Sight?

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“In your freedom, in your joy that echoes through the universe with unbridled, childlike enthusiasm, You become the Light of the world.” – Journey Beyond Words, Brent Haskell, Ph.D., D.O.


A Gift from the Garden of Life

It’s magical when dreams provide us with answers and solutions, and it happened to me last night. My dream gave me grist for the mill and structure for this […]

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Research and experiences from our personal Travel Expert: 
Lynn Lee with Grab Your Bag Travel.    
LOOK NO FURTHER for reasons to travel!  You may be shocked at the research data you’ll read here. We expect you’ll have more reasons than ever to justify making the time for YOU to unplug from the daily grind and explore our world.  The science shows positive impacts on long-term health, including seriously less numbers of heart attacks, boosted immune systems, and stronger brains to […]


CBD CURES & RUMORS: What you don’t know about CBD could save you!

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CBD “CURES & RUMORS” is an ongoing health series about the comprehensive cannabis plant.

BIG NEWS: On December 21, 2018 CBD finally became Legal–at the Federal Level–in the United States. With this recent legalization, CBD–a non-psychotropic compound found in the Cannabis Plant (aka “marijuana”) —is set to make an even bigger splash into Holistic and Natural Medicine usage. It will also continue marching into leading-edge, mainstream medical practices. This is the first article […]

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CBD for You and Me!

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CBD oil is a Natural Medicine found in the Cannabis plant.  No one can get “high” on it.  But it is an effective medicine for multiple issues as well as for longevity.  CBD regenerates the human body and brain to be more youthful.  It changes lives, and the cities and states who embrace it may experience significant growth and a revitalized economy.  But, as the popularity of the Cannabis plant has grown over the past decade, the pharmaceutical industry has been busy behind the scenes.  There are currently serious legal obstacles posed by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration). 


This […]

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Live Long and Prosper (Part 3)

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Longevity & Vitality:  A Brain Requirement, Ancient Wisdom & New “Reverse Aging” Science

Part 3 in the  “Live Long and Prosper” Series

In our first two articles “How Gut Health & the Gut-Brain Connection Affect Your Health & Longevity” and “Chinese Medicine: Longevity Practices & Foods”, we covered a lot of territory in what is thought to be possibly the most important aspect of our physical health:  The Microbiome and the Gut-Brain connection.  And we explored the philosophy and practical aspects of using Chinese Medicine for health and longevity.


This article starts by […]


By |February 27th, 2018|Aging Gracefully, Chinese Medicine, Exercise, Uncategorized|

Chinese Medicine: Longevity Practices and Foods

Article 2 of  3:  Live Long & Prosper Series

Chinese Medicine is an ancient, natural medicine.  Asian masters teach that we each are born with a certain amount of “Jing” (Life Force Energy), and when we have expended it, that’s all there is.  Therefore, it is important to be judicious with your Jing.  Why waste your Jing on being mad at the mailman or feeling mistreated by a co-worker or family member?  Focus your Jing on creating positive relationships and a beautiful environment for yourself…and others on […]

Holistic Gut & Brain Health for Longevity: Live Long & Prosper

By |February 7th, 2018|Aging Gracefully, Intestinal Health|

Longevity and the Gut, and How Gut Health & the Gut-Brain Connection Affect Your Health

Longevity and the Gut is Article 1 in a 3-part series.

The buzz word is “Anti-Aging”.  It’s everywhere…on book titles, anti-aging product labels, marketing ads and YouTube.  I believe the best approach to living healthy and long is to use the framework of Holistic Health, consisting of natural medicine in such forms as Acupuncture, Food as Medicine and other Functional Medicine, various types of  therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Polarity Therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) […]