Coming Out of Hiding: Is It Safe?

Are you ready to Come Out of Hiding?

As we make this determination for ourselves, and leaders in our governments and businesses make this determination on a larger scale, we at Lotus Blossom Clinic want to provide you with an empowering narrative…one which honors the exquisite design of our physical and energetic bodies. One which boosts our innate and adaptive immunity. Bottom Line: All of us can do more to create a fire-crackin’, freedom-boosting immune system using organic foods natural and holistic medicines and practices!

The new normal will include this novel coronavirus—and others. But there has always been a danger in the world in which we live, and the best response is to become a better, stronger, smarter version of who we are today. With a stronger and balanced immune system, we are suddenly not as easily sickened by viruses, bacterial or fungal infections. We have a powerful white blood cell army ready to do battle, and we may not even know we were infected! We are able to save ourselves.

You’ve most likely been in hiding…social distancing and staying at home (thank you to the essential workers), and you haven’t needed as much protection due to decreased exposure. But when you do come out of hiding, you’ll be exposed. It’s critical that you protect yourself with greater immunity tools.



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has, over the centuries, developed herbal formulas that work in conjunction with the body to perform amazing feats! We’ve had two blends in our medicine cabinet for over 20 years, and they have saved us from sickness many times. These herbs are Gan Mao Ling and Yin Chiao San (or Yin Qiao San).

Case in point: One day several years ago, I was at a meeting. I sat next to someone who, I later found out, became very ill and went to the emergency room the next day with a bronchial infection. The person on the other side of him came down with this same bronchial bug a couple of days later. She was flat on her back for a week and solidly sick for 2 more.

A couple of days after the meeting I felt something coming on, so I began taking our two herbal immunity stars. I experienced a low-energy day where I could barely manage to move off the couch, and then I was back to normal the next day I continued taking these herbals for a 2-3 more days, generally a wise move. Sometime later I learned what had happened to the other two people, and I knew why I didn’t get sick!! Gan Mao and Yin Chiao are big sellers at our clinic because once you’ve had a similar experience of their power, you won’t want to be without it!


In February of 2020, we saw corona headed our way, to the U.S. and to SW Florida. We took quick action to design a solid Immunity Kit. We bought large quantities to prepare to help our community. We got busy and put it all online too, and now you can order from our online shop.
Let’s take a closer look at the Chinese Herbal blends which are in the Immunity Kit (and you’ll see these are good for all sorts of immune issues).



Dr. David’s recommendations:
Jade Windscreen is part of our Immunity Kit for good reason. The original source for this herbal remedy came from a book published in 1481 called Techniques of ZHU DAN XI by Zhu Zhen Heng. This doctor was famous for his ability to treat diseases such as Flu. For the past 540 years, this formula has been used to treat colds and other respiratory illnesses that included fever without the chills.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) this herbal formula tonifies the defensive Qi so it helps boost immunity, it consolidates the exterior, so it helps your body keep out pathogens.
From a Western perspective, it helps with prevention of respiratory infection, allergic rhinitis, abnormal preparation (sweating heavily), and even facial paralysis. Yes, in TCM facial paralysis is considered to be caused by a pathogen. In Western medicine, this may be a virus attacking your facial nerve.
This formula has been and continues to be widely used. It should be in everyone’s medicine chest during flu season.

Yin Qiao San is an herbal formula that has been used for centuries. it is most often used to treat sore throat, fever, flu and colds. Generally, that is any respiratory pathogen with a fever. It can cause sweating so if you are dehydrated due to diarrhea or profuse sweating this is not the herbal formula for you. I recommend that everyone keep this in their medicine chest during cold and flu season, and of course it should be in your medicine chest now during this pandemic. The idea is to take the formula at the first signs of the fever and sore throat. You should have it with you, because you don’t want to wait to go buy it later. If you delay the pathogen has more time to settle deeper into your body. Yin Qiao San contains Japanese honeysuckle, and it has been proven to kill viruses. A bonus with this herbal blend: You will feel better in a subtle, yet solid way.

Gan Mao Ling is a modern formula it has around for less than 100 years. This formula not only battles the pathogen, it boosts your immunity. You use it in the same way you use Yin Qiao San, but it can be taken to boost immunity before you get sick. It is often taken if you think you might have been exposed to a pathogen such as airline travel or a public event where you may have been in contact with someone that is sick. Again, you need to take this immediately. You don’t have time to run out and buy it. You don’t want such a pathogen to get too deep into your system.


Don’t miss this opportunity to prevent trouble. For all respiratory illnesses (and other immunity issues), stock your medicine chest with the things you need to stay healthy and fight off early-stage infections. You can prevent disease from taking a strong hold. No one wants to be on a ventilator. The time to act is NOW.

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