Quantum physics shows us that we are all made of vibrational frequencies. Each one of your organs and emotions has a sound frequency unique to you. When your sounds are “in tune,” your system works to its optimum level. However, when we feel stressed those sounds start to shift/distort, and we start experiencing emotional imbalance and dis-ease. Crystal Bowls help to put your body back into alignment on many levels by entraining it to resonate with THEIR higher vibrational frequencies. (Think of it like a helping hand to lift you up!) For most of us it is a beautiful relaxing trance, rich in dreamy visuals or strong physical sensations, healing and detoxifying. Lying down or sitting with your eyes closed, your mind surrenders to healing sounds of the crystal singing bowls. It will “bathe” you in powerful vibrations and is one of the most beautiful and easy ways to relax and recharge after a busy week.


Experience the healing power of sound vibration with quartz crystal singing bowls. Participants will comfortably lie down or sit while the frequencies reverberate throughout the body, bringing it back into a state of harmonic resonance and promoting deep relaxation and healing on all levels. Jenny will also channel the healing energy of Reiki.

***RSVP is REQUIRED as space is limited!!!

***Please bring your favorite blanket or pillow for your comfort. Some will also be provided, as well as chairs.

COST $15