…and there are many reasons why you don’t want to bet your life on them!

It is widely believed that 70% of the population’s decisions and behavioral changes are driven by fear. Whether you are one of the majority or the minority in your decision-making approach, this article is for you, those you love…and everyone’s best health! I am writing a series of 3…maybe 4…key articles on the subject of GMO’s, why they are a public health hazard and what you can do to protect your family and eat in ways that support healthy nutrition for your body.

First, let’s start with what many people know.
Genetically Modified Organisms, in which the genes of one plant are indelicately shoved into the DNA of another (or if not another plant it’s a bacteria or animal gene that is spliced in), have been around for a while, and Monsanto is the Big Biotech Boy on the Block. Most of us have heard something about GMO’s in the news, especially lately. The big news this week was that unapproved, Monsanto GMO’d wheat was found to have contaminated a farmer’s field in Oregon. The genie is out of the bottle…and it’s not a friendly genie.

On May 25th, thousands of people marched all over the world in support of labeling GMO foods…or indeed in support of stopping GMO’s entirely. We marched here in Ft. Myers, FL too.

Dr. David at GMO March in Ft. Myers