Foods & Drugs:   What could possibly go wrong?


Last week we took a call from one of our newest patients who came to see us for a couple of specific conditions.   This particular day, he had terrible pain in his legs, and he was afraid of potential blood clots.  He was on his way to Lee Memorial and wanted to get our opinion.  We concurred that he had a serious and immediate problem for which often Western Medicine is your best first stop.  So he drove on.


Sure enough, after many hours of waiting, the Emergency Department nurses discovered he could have been hours away from a heart attack or stroke.  He was immediately placed on heavy blood thinners.  What’s impressive about this ED group is that they had enough knowledge to ask him if he was eating certain foods which could thicken the blood.   Bingo!   His veggie venue was very limited, and of the 2-3 veggies he ate, he consumed a great deal of broccoli every day.   Not only was that thickening his blood, but it was not great for his thyroid (and can prevent weight loss too).   It’s a better idea to eat a variety of fruits and veggies for reasons like this!  We teach people to “Eat the Rainbow” as a general principle of creating good health.

Hard to think of natural foods like broccoli, garlic and ginger as dangerous, isn’t it?  But think again.  Apart from their amazing health benefits, ginger, for example, can be a serious health threat when combined with anticoagulants, beta-blockers, and insulin-based drugs.  And as you now know, too many cruciferous veggies such as Broccoli and Brussels’ Sprouts, as well as the venerable and super-healthy Kale, can interfere with or boost the effect of anticoagulants (blood thinners).


Are you confused now?   So are many medical professionals who are not yet trained in the powerful phytochemicals which exist in our foods.  But, help may be on the way.  A new program is getting underway here in Lee County, and Lee Memorial is helping lead the way, in partnership with an internationally-known father-son duo.  https://fortmyersbeach.news/plant-one-on-lee-memorial-health-system-launches-nutrition-effort/



The reason there is a problem with some food and drug combinations is that they are BOTH MEDICINAL in nature.  In fact, most medications are often based upon phytochemicals found in foods, but because what Nature creates cannot be patented and sold for high profits, a lot of time, energy, and investment goes into formulating drugs….to create pills for the population to pop.  However, the power in the food remains, and problems can occur when the combinations of these foods and drugs are what’s called “Contraindicated”.  Translation:  They may have a negative effect on a person when consumed together.   Let’s explore a one such potentially bad relationship.



Many foods have amazing and powerful properties.  Ginger is just one example.  Among its many medicinal properties, ginger has beneficial effects on diseases and health issues including:

  • boosting the immune system,
  • relieving the symptoms of nausea, migraine, and cough,
  • improving circulation and preventing the formation of blood clots),
  • preventing cancer cell growth,
  • removing toxins from the body, etc…




Pregnant women

Ginger is abundant in powerful stimulants that can trigger premature labor. Pregnant women should avoid ginger at all costs especially in the last trimester of pregnancy.

People who want to put on weight

Ginger is known to be extremely beneficial for those who are trying to lose weight as it keeps you feel full longer and promotes fat burning. If you want to put on weight, ginger can only give you a counter effect, so you’d better avoid it.

People with blood disorders or already taking blood thinners (e.g. Coumadin)

Ginger improves circulation, which is generally beneficial, except for those suffering from blood disorders like hemophilia.

People who are on blood pressure and diabetes medications

Ginger can interact with medications, especially anticoagulants, beta-blockers and medications based on insulin. So, if you are on any medications for high blood pressure or diabetes, you must stay away from this plant as there’s a serious risk that it’ll inhibit the effects of your drugs.



Terry Wahls, an M.D. who was diagnosed with MS and became wheel-chair bound with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, is now walking confidently across the stage, teaching, traveling and lecturing about her food-based disease reversal.  I highly recommend checking out her TEDx Talk on YouTube.   She shares thoughts and experiences in her book “The Wahls Protocol” about foods and prescription medications such as Coumadin, Prilosec, Plavix, Thyroid Meds, Cholesterol Meds and more.  Her general recommendation is to get smart about the power of food and use it!  In cases like thrombrosis (blood clots) start eating the foods such as dark leafy greens that work with the body to resolve this condition (e.g. thin the blood naturally).  She strongly advises (as do we) that people work responsibly with their M.D.’s to reduce any medications.   As the measurements change, the doctor will reduce the level of medication in a safer manner.  Many times this leads, eventually, to the person using Food as their Medicine rather than pills as their first “go-to” solution.


Remember our patient who ended up in the hospital with blood clots?  You probably guessed it, as he begins consuming smoothies with ginger and dark leafy greens, he will be self-medicating the natural way, and gaining many good side effects from doing so.  He’s likely to have stronger bones and more energy too.  And, if he’s on the common blood-thinner Coumadin (very likely), he can wean himself off that (with his doctor’s help) and give his liver a break too.



Three Providers at Lotus Blossom Clinic are Certified in the “Conquering Any Disease”, science-based food protocol system which is designed to help reverse diseases.  We teach and consult with people regarding the foods and protocol(s) that have science-backed proof regarding foods which help restore better health.  See our classes under “Events” at www.LotusBlossomClinic.com.  Call us for individual consultations to help you get started.



WARNING:  BE CAREFUL WHEN CONSUMING GINGER!  April 25, 2016  http://www.healthy-solution.com/warning-be-careful-when-using-ginger-heres-when-you-shouldnt-consume-it/


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