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We found information on “Monsanto’s BT-Toxins Found to Kill Human Embryo Cells”


At Lotus Blossom Clinic, “Food is Medicine” is a foundational principle.  It’s just as true for humans as it is for our cars.  You put bad gas in your car–or worse, something which doesn’t belong there such as chlorine or cement–and you will soon have a “sick” car.  While these may seem extreme examples, that’s exactly what’s going on with much of the commercial food supply in America.  We see the results of chronic, harmful food consumption in our clinic every day.  (It’s what you do MOST of the time that creates chronic health… or chronic disease!)

Generally, the worst health-damaging products are found in packaged foods.  But it goes even deeper.  Chemicals and poisons such as Roundup have been genetically engineered into the seeds which grow much of our commercial food supply (which are in most packaged foods).  Over 64 countries have banned GMO seeds, and over 30 countries have banned certain food imports from the U.S.  These foods include milk, sugar, wheat, soy, and corn…and animals fed them.

A study last year in Canada focused on the toxins in commercial corn, one of which is called BT-TOXIN.  This creates a so-called “suicide” seed which will not grow a 2nd generation.  It’s also proven to create infertility in animals.  The Canadian study found BT Toxin in foods like corn, soy and wheat are damaging/killing cells in the developing fetus’ kidneys, and there is also evidence of a correlation to the rising number of babies born with cancer.

BE SAFE!   Read labels and eat the foods mentioned here ORGANIC–or not at all–in your daily life.  This is most important in animal proteins.   Commercially-raised animals and fish are fed these toxic foods.

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