Deb Martin

Deb Martin is the Business Manager, she is also a Reiki Master and certified in the food healing program “Conquering Any Disease” Deb assists Dr David with food healing classes at the clinic.

Deb’s life is a life of service. She focuses on creating and maintaining business infrastructures which support and empower people. She is actively involved in healthcare education and marketing for Lotus Blossom Clinic. and her favorite multi-faceted, healing Herb “Healthy Chocolate”. She is certified in Conquering Any Disease, a science-based food healing system,

Deb’s vision is that in the not-so-distant future, most Americans’ first choice for their non-urgent health care needs, including all chronic conditions plus maintaining Wellness and Healthy Longevity, will be to use Natural Medicines such as Chinese Medicine, spiritual and creative practices, combined with wholesome Foods and supportive Herbs. Deb says: “There are so many amazing foods, and they can be used for healing staying well. This is Power to the People!” Note that we are not dietitians or nutritionists who are trained in the western medical model. We work from a holistic perspective with our Acupuncture Physician.

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