Eating Organic food

Why spend the extra money on Organic?

I often have patients say that they just don’t have the money to buy organically grown food.  I can sympathize because I shop at the same places they do.

I have added a link to this article because it does help prove the point that food that is raised on these Agribusiness farms is treated like a product, not as a health nutritious meal.  The faster you produce a product the more money you make, so of  course the amount of time required to produce the product is key.  For example if you can raise a chicken in 2 months instead of 3 months, it is turns into money for the bottom line.  I have read online that some chicken manufacturers can raise a chicken in 6 weeks.  With these sorts of inventory turns and the need to keep the chicken alive in the harsh and overcrowded environments needed to keep profits high, chickens are given drugs.  This particular drug is being removed by the FDA because it contains Arsenic.  Don’t worry about these big farms they will find another drug to replace this one, hopefully it will not be as toxic. Remember that at least for the time being you get to choose the food you eat.  Vote with your wallet.

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Arsenic-containing drug in chicken feed to be pulled from U.S.




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