I recently saw a FASCINATING, full-length documentary on herbalism, which prompted this article and a few to follow.   I highly recommend the video!




At least 80% of the people on our planet use herbal medicine as their primary medicine.   This includes China, Central and South America, and most less-industrialized nations.   Many of us here in America have no idea how integrated certain natural medicines are in other cultures.  The Italians know about and commonly still use basil for lowering blood sugar levels, as an antispasmodic, and fever reducer.  Our favorite Chinese Herb (with an Americanized name) is Phellostatin, which is a combination of several plants including phellodendron and poria mushroom.  We use it extensively at Lotus Blossom Clinic to treat Candida, a condition with many symptoms.  Examples include an inability to lose weight, memory and immunity issues, and skin rashes.   Dr. David was diagnosed many years ago with an “untreatable” Leukemia.  We found out by accident several years later after going on a Candida-free diet, that it was indeed Candida!     Candida afflicts at least 50% of Americans.  It arises when the gut bacteria is not at healthy, diverse levels– often caused by too much sugar, antibiotics, some GMO’d foods, etc.   The yeast simply takes over and your body is out of balance and “sick”.

The ancient Aztecs and Mayans used the tiny but mighty cacao bean for many, many, (did I say “many”?) things including strength, energy and a sense of well-being.  They used the bean for healing the nervous system and improving digestion and elimination.  Other medicinal properties for which the Aztecs used cacao included alleviating fever, anemia, poor appetite, mental fatigue and even poor breast milk production.   It was also used for respiratory ailments, gout, kidney stones and low virility.   The use of this food was generally reserved for the wealthy and the soldiers, and cacao was so valued that it was even used as currency.   And yes, you will find THIS surprisingly yummy herb at Lotus Blossom Clinic.  Next time you are in, talk with us and ask for a sample and scientific information.


In today’s modern world, some scientists are beginning to see a broader picture of health.   They are discerning that a litany of health effects are due to our separation from the natural world.  One hundred years ago in America, it was common for families to know the herbal remedies provided by Nature in their own area  to treat colds, injuries and infections, and other ailments.   It was their primary medicine.   But today, America spends more money on medicine—over $3 Trillion annually– than any other country in the world, and yet 32 other countries’ people live longer than we do.   Our sickness rates in America are skyrocketing:  Immune Diseases, Cancer, Obesity, Mental/Emotional Disorders, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, ADD and ADHD in our children, rising rates of Infertility, etc.  It would appear that what we are doing regarding our healthcare, as a nation, isn’t working.

Our future articles will explore additional challenges we face and will lay some groundwork for guidance into the Natural world of the Herbs.


Wishing you Balance in All Things,

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