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GAIA’S FOOD FARMACY: We are passionate about the power of food. Under our acupuncture physician’s supervision, we educate our Community about the medicinal uses of foods, the phytochemicals in mostly plant foods which have been proven to target specific health conditions. Working together with Dr. David, we target the best plan for each person’s likes & lifestyle… using nature’s powerful phytochemicals to improve the quality of lives.

Visit our Events page to see the class schedule. Contact the clinic for further information about food consultations. (239) 277-1399.

Note that we are not dietitians or nutritionists who are trained in the western medical model. We work from a holistic perspective with our Acupuncture Physician.


Food as Medicine 1st visit $ 75 
Food as Medicine follow-up visits $ 55 

Food Consultants and General Coaching

Deb Martin

Deb Martin is the Business Manager, she is also a Reiki Master and certified in the food healing program “Conquering Any Disease” Deb assists Dr David with food healing classes at the clinic. Deb’s life is a life of service. She focuses on creating and maintaining...

Vickie Gelardi

Vickie Gelardi has been helping people heal using food for nearly 40 years. In the late 1970’s she founded the Feingold Association of New York and testified before Congress about the health effects of the compounds containing artificial coloring & preservatives...