Food for Thought: Foods & More to Help with the Virus

By Vickie Gelardi, Medicinal Food Consultant

August 30, 2021


Dear Natural Medicine and Food as Medicine Fans,

Well, here we go again……an insurgence of the COVID virus, the Delta variant, which is even more infectious!  If this virus has visited your home, you are very aware of the turmoil it has created.  Fever, cough, sinus infection, low oxygen levels, nausea, fatigue, and it goes on and on with various symptoms.  It’s like a pot of soup with every disease symptom within, spewing out one symptom after another making you simply miserable!  We all know the given rules; wear your mask, sanitize, social distance.  However, what we really need are the tools to prevent getting this virus, or if you get it what to do about it!

Several Lotus Blossom Clinic practitioners have written about the virus since our first article in early 2020.  When you are curious to learn more specifics, we have a full list of topics with links at the bottom of this article.  Topics include: “Natural Medicines for Coronavirus”, “How the Chinese are Wining the Viral War”, and “Recovery from the Virus”.


A strong immune system is key to preventing or fighting COVID.  Western medicine has jumped on the bandwagon recommending natural supplements like vitamins D and C, zinc, NAC (a semi-essential amino acid that performs highly protective actions against COVID inside your blood vessels), and more.  Our Immunity Kits at the clinic contain all the supplements you need to strengthen that immune system.  Antiviral mushrooms are part of the package, since, after all, we are fighting off a virus.  Strong and effective oregano products can help at the front-end….and the recovery timeframe, to help prevent secondary infections. The importance of taking the supplements in a timely manner is paramount!  While this virus is raging through our environment we need to protect ourselves constantly with natural supplements but also with natural, wholesome, immune-boosting foods.

Top of the list is old-fashioned chicken soup, according to UCLA which states the soup calms down inflammation in the upper respiratory tract.  Ginger and turmeric will also calm the inflammation especially in the lungs where COVID likes to strike.  Foods high in vitamin C like oranges, peppers, kiwis, and tomatoes can easily be incorporated into your daily diet.  Wild salmon is high in zinc which is our go-to mineral to prevent colds and viruses from taking hold.  Pumpkin seeds have the most in plant-based food. Oysters are the highest in zinc but salmon seems so healthy with all those Omega 3’s.

Researchers at UCLA claim that sulforaphane, a phytochemical in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, turns on antioxidant genes and enzymes in specific immune cells which combat free radicals in your body and prevent you from getting sick! We can easily incorporate some broccoli, cauliflower, or Brussel sprouts into our daily meals.

And then there is dark chocolate—especially the “raw kind” called cacao.  It contains theobromine, an antioxidant that helps suppress cough symptoms. Although all the research is not in yet on dark chocolate, I think we should have plenty of this healthy food starting now!  The unprocessed “cacao” is the true medicine.  We carry various options at the clinic, including the raw powder and Sacred Chocolates. Also, a normally-processed, fire-roasted dark chocolate likely has a tiny spark of the medicine left. The best of that group of those in non-alkalized and includes Endangered Species and Lindt.

Lastly, but probably most importantly, is the importance of cultured foods such as pickles, sauerkraut, and Greek yogurt which contains extra cultures for the gut.  Fermented foods will keep your microbiome balanced and healthy especially during an illness like COVID.  Dairy kefir, (we prefer goat as a clean-food choice, although A2 cow milk has the smaller, more easily digestible protein as well), and of course kombucha tea, are full of billions of good bacteria and will help you keep healthy and recover from illness.  Most are easy to make, and we can help you find some great recipes!  Our monthly Food as Medicine classes start up again in October.

Our hope is that you stay healthy during this stressful time, and always know we are here to help you and guide you through any of the difficulties we all face in today’s environment.

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Let Food Be Thy Medicine,


Dr. David Martin & Vickie Gelardi

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