By Vickie Gelardi, Medicinal Food Consultant, October 6, 2021


Two years in the making…hours of creating and writing…hours of cooking and tasting in my kitchen…!  Finally, “It’s Not Just a Cookbook” will arrive within a month. As you are likely aware, Dr. David and I are both dedicated to natural medicine…to health and wellness….and food as medicine is a basic foundation.  Dr. David was the guinea pig many times as I tried a new recipe… sometimes good and sometimes not!  He is to be commended for his patience and fortitude.


When we received the letter from Hay House congratulating us for being published authors, we realized we accomplished a lifelong dream.  Dr. David and I are excited to see what the book looks like “in print” and even more excited to share it with all our patients and clients at the clinic.  Many of the recipes are old family recipes and I often refer to my grandmother and mother and how they helped me eat healthy and stay healthy as I grew by serving only the freshest organic foods.


What you need to know is, this is not just a cookbook! This book contains nutritional information and guidance for everyone but also for those individuals with various health challenges.  There is factual research to help the user understand the phytochemicals in food and to help with wise choices. For instance did you know chicken soup actually does help with a sore throat or cold?  Dr. Rennard, University of Nebraska, claims the chemicals in the soup clears up stuffy noses by inhibiting inflammation of the cells in the nasal passage, preventing sore throats and phlegm as well.


With all the vegans, meat eaters, vegetarians, dairy free, gluten free and diabetic varied diets in households today, we created this book to be flexible enough to meet the needs of a diverse family and to be friendly for everyone.


We hope you will stop by the clinic to share in our joy and take some time to scan through the book.  The book will be on Barnes & Noble’s website as well as Amazon, and other book websites and is also available as an e book.  Of course, it is available at our clinic at a discount for you!


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Blessings to you all,


Dr. David Martin & Vickie Gelardi

Lotus Blossom Clinic


Tasty, Healthy Cooking for All Types of Eaters

Dr. David Martín and Vickie Gelardi are published authors!


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