Food For Thought: Lyme’s Disease

By Vickie Gelardi, Medicinal Food Consultant
December 1, 2021

Do you know someone with Lyme’s Disease?  Or is it you who has this insidious and debilitating disease?   We have clients suffering from this disease, and our protocol is a natural and holistic approach using acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, supplements, and food as medicine!  The short story below only touches upon a fraction of this terrible disease, and the successful ending is your reward for reading!

Michelle came to us early in 2021. Unable to drive, her husband drove her to see us.  She seemed anxious, depressed, and distraught.  She had been to nearly every Lyme’s doctor, some of the best, without any improvement in her symptoms.  She had been on antibiotics for years, so I knew her gut was compromised and creating havoc in her body.  She had been nauseous for months.

The bacteria Borrelia is the Lyme’s disease infection which attacks the body, the nervous system and even the brain.  The co-infections are just as deadly.  Borrelia hides in areas of the body and uses biofilms as protective barriers secreted by multispecies microorganism colonies including candida and other fungi. When the immune system is low, they come forth and attack. They hide and manifest as other various diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and many others.  Biofilms are highly resistant to treatment, thus the dilemma for us was what approach to use to help Michelle.

Using a holistic approach made the most sense since traditional Lyme’s doctors were unable to help.  Boosting the immune system seemed the logical approach rather than killing off all the good bacteria in her body.  Boost the immune system and let it do its job.  Mushrooms are the first choice in boosting the immune system so she was put on several different kinds for Lyme’s.  Michelle also received counseling on foods to avoid, including dairy, gluten and sugar.  Detoxing foods and green leafy vegetables were recommended along with fermented vegetables to stabilize the gut. She was put on an anti-inflammatory diet.  She received acupuncture and specific massage techniques on a regular basis as well.

On Michelle’s third visit to the clinic she came dancing in, feeling so much better that she had driven by herself from Naples!  She was no longer nauseous. She felt  so much better mentally and physically.  Michelle’s progress is amazing because she is an amazing woman.  Determined to get her life back she followed the protocol and we keep in close touch.  When she’s up north we do zoom calls, and when she is in Florida she comes in for food consults, acupuncture and massages.  Michelle works with a good acupuncturist in her home town and we work together on her treatment plan.  Kudos to you Michelle…you are an inspiration to me and hopefully to others suffering Lyme’s.

They say there is no cure for Lyme’s, but any kind of improvement or remission is welcomed by the person involved.  Following the protocol, being optimistic, being creative with foods and keeping in contact with us so we can answer questions and help where needed, can successfully bring back health, as it did for Michelle.  Continued blessings to you Michelle!

To Your Health,

Dr. David Martin & Vickie Gelardi
Lotus Blossom Clinic

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