Freedom Isn’t Free

Freedom Isn’t Free

By: Fort Myers Acupuncturist Dr. David Martin


My father served  in the armed forces during WWII and Korea.  He paid a dear price. While he survived the war itself, he had injuries that had a profound effect on his life.   This is one of the reasons we offer discounts to Veterans who are self pay, and we offer free clinics for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers.  It’s another way to say “Thank you” for your service and acknowledge our gratitude for our freedoms.

There is another area where the price of freedom often requires that we put our money and apply our full attention where it matters: Freedom comes at a cost in the world of health and medicine.  Pharmaceuticals cost big dollars. Reversing disease or decreasing symptoms related to chronic pain and illness also comes at a cost–but not a monetary one.  You have to change your diet and lifestyle.

Whether a person is struggling with chronic illness, pain, infertility, high blood pressure, any common or unusual malady, or wellness maintenance, Doctors of Oriental Medicine advocate to work on the basics first. Breathing fresh clean air, drinking pure water and consuming a diet rich in healthy nutritious foods to help the body maintain balance .   (Preferably, consume these foods near their natural state:  fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.) A well nourished body in harmony is free of dis-ease, has little or no signs of inflammation,  and can fight off illness more quickly than a body that is out of whack.

The challenge with this level of care is that most Americans are not willing to change their diets.  Marketing ploys which tout diet and other processed foods as “healthy” or “whole” further confuse consumers who are trying to eat well; making the process of achieving wellness through food even more challenging. Change is a necessity, though, and in the long run adapting can make a major difference in quality as well as years of life.

My wife was speaking to a patient recently who was grateful for the pain relief she achieved thru acupuncture.  However, she was having huge problems with side effects of her thyroid medicine.  She didn’t realize that, using natural medicine, we could help her with her thyroid problem.  Yes we can! Think of us as your Primary Care Physicians. Our mission, our purpose in life is to help you traverse the bumps in the road so that you can enjoy the Freedom of Good Health.

The Bottom Line:   We are here as your Wellness Partner to smooth your path and someday ensure that “disease” is stricken from the dictionary because the shift has occurred from treating symptoms to living a healthy vibrant life focused on wellness.

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By David Martin Acupuncture Physician serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples.