Getting On With Life

It was March, just before the Quarantine Lockdown, but the isolation was already beginning.  Dr. David’s wife, Deb Martin, could not sit still (metaphorically speaking) and just watch the Lotus Blossom Clinic Community seemingly dissolve into the mist of disconnection and social isolation.  

News from the mainstream media was dire, and there was fear.  Chinese Medicines and other science-backed natural solutions and protections for this sort of virus were not present in the news reports.  

The caring community at Lotus Blossom Clinic, practitioners and teachers, and those they served, needed a communication booster.  Deb was compelled to act…to reach out in a tangible way.  It was a clear Call to her to create an Outreach Platform and to for the clinic to diligently comply with rules and guidelines for staying open.

First the Outreach Platform has manifested in a regular destination on our Facebook Page, one part of which is our Teaspoon Tuesdays at 2pm. 

Life isn’t Over.  There is HOPE.  And we can all get active in our own self-care.  The second platform is a YouTube Destination called Spoonful Experiences – Holistic & Natural. You can find dozens of videos created by the expert and caring Practitioners who serve at Lotus Blossom Clinic…16 of them to be exact!  Our next FREE Telesummit is Aug. 29, and is our newest Quarterly Telesummit.

HOPE = Creating a Personal Health & Wellness Vision

This Telesummit is all about focusing in, creating a Vision and taking action.  If you are seeking an answer to the question: what area of my life is calling for attention and change? (New eating choices? A full-body reboot? Personal habit and belief shifts?), then this Telesummit is for you!

The full August Day and optional continuation programs has 3 parts:

Spoonful Videos to set the stage  (40 minutes)

Then take a 10 minute Break and get Online with your Chosen Track Facilitator.

Zoom Call:  A Visioning Session in the topic area of your choice (there are six choices).

Further Options for Go Deeper Exploration & Action
Learn and consider follow-on programs with group and individual options.


Living Life Fully:  Energy Healing with Reiki  –Pattie Carney & Leena Mazid
Put Your Dream to the Test    –Jeanne Comeau
The Medicine and Messages in Food  – -Deb Martin & Robin Joy
Find your Freedom with Emotional Freedom Technique   — Jenny Li Ciccone
Finding Love through Theta Healing   — Patti Wilson
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction  — Anne Louise Kracmer

REGISTER TODAY!   We’ll send you a link for your chosen Vision session (a few days before the event).
Questions?  Email or contact the clinic at (239) 277-1399

What do you miss? Like most of you, we miss the physical contact and socialization of in-person group events.  In the months immediately preceding the lockdown, we had as many as 33 classes and events per month, including yoga classes, crystal bowls, qigong and weekly meditations.  Many of these events were held in our large Movement Medicine Room, newly added when we opened the door to the unit next door in January 2019.  
During this pandemic time, our classes and teachers went Online, and continue to do so. The next best thing for connection! Look up our classes and events and zoom classes online and join in!

One Event Practitioner has recently started up again in person…carefully.  
Crystal Bowls Meditations are back every Thursday evening at 6:45-7:45pm.  Email for your place. Limited space with social distancing, masks and more.


This is the question we ask ourselves all the time.  Our main answers are these:
Consider Lotus Blossom Clinic when you are seeking natural or holistic healthcare for any reason.  Have you been suffering with pain?  Are you feeling depressed or anxious?  Are you emotionally stuck?  Are you bored?  Did you gain weight eating too-much comfort food?  Do you crave touch and want a massage?  Give us a call!  We are available with Telemedicine or In-Person sessions. 
Consider starting with a Free Consultation with Dr. David, our Doctor of Oriental Medicine.  Call 239-277-1399

Consider purchasing an Immunity Kit which Dr. David and Deb created and is available on the new Online Shop.  

Consider watching the Telesummits we created, including Movement Medicine, Acupuncture & Natural Medicine, Food as Medicine, and Energy Medicine.  We made these 4-weekly Springtime telesummits (videos and panel discussions) available to the public for free with thousands of views.  You can see still them on our YouTube Channel Spoonful Experiences.


Complying with regulations became Deb’s second main focus.  We knew that at some point the lockdown would end, so we studied the virus and made changes and investments to prepare our clinic environment to be safe and attractive for people to come into again.  We created high standards and practices to keep our environment safe.  We invested money in air-scrubbing equipment.  

When Florida began to open up again in May, we were ready with these new Practices:  
We have medical-grade HEPA filters which capture water droplets & molecules in the air.  
We constantly wipe down and sanitize treatment room beds, doorknobs, bathrooms and countertops.

We require everyone to wear a mask.  

We are grateful that Lotus Blossom Clinic has remained a welcoming and safe place to come, and we invite you “in” to our Online Community as well!

May Your Vision be a Compelling, Guiding Light in your Life!
Health and Blessings,

Dr. David & Deb Martin
…and all the Practitioners at Lotus Blossom Clinic

Serving the Greater Fort Myers area with Natural and Holistic Medicine, including Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage, Science-backed Food as Medicine, Energy & Transformational Sessions…and over 30 monthly Community Classes & Events!