Got Diabetes? (or know someone who is on that road?)


Do you know that the pre-diabetic stage typically lasts 5-6 years before full-blown diabetes sets in?   There is literally a bill in Congress to address diabetes right now. Why?  Because Diabetes is becoming a health Tsunami tragedy which cannot be denied.  One in four people in America are affected.


That means many people  you know may be on the dangerous road to diabetes, and they may not know it yet.  They are statistically setting themselves up for an earlier death from stroke, heart attack, infection, or kidney failure (not to mention the pain of neuropathy, amputations of feet and blindness as just a few other side effects of this dis-ease). 


Who do you know who may be experiencing some of these pre-diabetic or diabetic symptoms?   (Note: these conditions may indicate other issues besides diabetes.) 


  • Serious over-weight issue
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Feel sluggish and need a nap after eating
  • Have food cravings, even after eating; lots of snack craving issues
  • Experience fatigue on a regular basis during the day
  • Are anxious, impatient, irritable
  • Are jittery, shaky, even lightheaded
  • Need to eat NOW
  • Gaining water weight
  • Trouble healing
  • Frequent urination
  • Vaginal Infections
  • Blurry vision
  • Numb or tingling feet



Beyond the obvious food causation, researchers have found other links to this health risk.  A series of recent studies are linking Vitamin D levels to diabetes.  Now this is NEW Information for me…and probably some of you:   Do you know Vitamin D is stored in excessive fat tissue, thereby making it unavailable to the body?  A pre-diabetic or diabetic becomes “Vitamin D Deficient” with the host of troubles that brings.  This is further understanding of why too much fat on the body is one way  to begin the destructive diabetes process.



Although there’s no single way that’s easy for every person, there are a host of potential solutions.  First, there’s education about choices.  Next, there’s decision and action.   Food is front and center here, and we are actively involved with helping our patients get educated via Food Healing classes and consulting sessions. 


In the meantime, other than exercising and making obvious changes including switching OFF the consumption of sugar, white flour/pasta and other starchy foods, most packaged snack foods…and getting back into eating like we used to 50 years ago (real, mostly organic food), there are some things you can begin doing immediately.  Here are a few ideas to consider.



Bitter Melon is an Asian vegetable that is sold in Asian Markets.  There are several such stores in Ft. Myers, e.g. Leaf Asian Market.   Bitter Melon has a phytochemical that ACTS LIKE HUMAN INSULIN to immediately lower the blood sugar and avoid the damage to blood vessels and organs.  We carry a cookbook with 9 different recipes to make this into a tasty food.  

Raw Cacao is well documented in scientific studies to protect blood vessels, lower blood fats, protect against the oxidative stress involved with consuming a meal, decrease inflammation and increase usage of the body’s own insulin.  In medical terms, it also decreases insulin resistance, which is the reason this disease causes so many health issues.   Ask Dr. David or Amanda for more information about an easy way to consume raw cacao.  It’s called Xocai Healthy Chocolate, and you can sample some at the clinic.  At about $3/day, it’s a pretty cheap and powerful investment in reversing diabetes.

Tumeric—and of specific importance a compound within it called Curcumin.  Tumeric is a spice used extensively in Asian cooking.  A study in Thailand with 240 pre-diabetic adults found that 19 of the 116 people who took a curcumin placebo developed diabetes.  None in the Curcumin supplement group (basically the other half who DID consume 1500 mg of curcumin daily) developed diabetes.  Tests determined that curcumin improved the function of beta cells which product insulin.  We carry some powerful Curcumin capsules at our clinic.


Want to learn more?  Here are some ideas:  

  1. Set up an appointment with Dr. David to assess your risk and make a plan.  
  2. Schedule a food healing consultation with Deb Martin. 
  3. Get on our list for the next Food Healing Class by calling our office at (239) 277-1399. 

We’re here to help!


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