Taking Control of Bone Health – FREE Educational Event with Dr. Keith McCormick

Bone loss and osteoporosis are a growing concern for aging Americans. Is it inevitable that we will suffer a decline in bone health as we age or is their means of prevention?

Here at Lotus Blossom Clinic, we are all about promoting the truth that you have the power to improve your health. Which is why we are offering a free educational seminar with Dr. R. Keith McCormick, where he will share the most up-to-date, comprehensive resources for the management of osteoporosis. This seminar will empower and educate you on how to gain a deeper understanding about how you can make positive decisions and actions to preserve your skeletal health.

Dr. McCormick’s experience with osteoporosis is personal. During his time as an Olympic pentathlete, he suffered twelve fractures and was eventually diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at just forty-five years old. To take control of his own bone disease, Dr. McCormick spent decades reading everything he could find on its causes, treatments, and most important, whether it was possible to reverse it.

His book, Great Bones  is the culmination of his research and how his discoveries helped him. Amazingly, he has not suffered a fracture in more than fifteen years and now takes part in Ironman competitions. It became his mission to help others understand not just the basics of skeletal health but also the biological mechanisms of bone loss, diagnostic procedures, and laboratory tests to identify its causes, and treatment interventions, both natural and pharmaceutical, to decrease fracture risk and put patients on a path to long-term sustainable bone health.

We invite you to join the FREE seminar on Saturday, April 1, 2023 from 2:00-3:30pm EST at Lotus Blossom Clinic (In the Large Room in Suite 3) 6710 Winkler Road, Fort Myers, FL  33919.

Please kindly RSVP at (239) 277-1399 by Friday, March 31, 2023.