June 1, 2023
By: Winslow E. Dixon, Holistic Health Educator, Clinical Herbalist, Frequency Medicine Practitioner
Editor:  Deb Martin, Holistic Health Educator

The belief that the body has the capability to heal itself is a driving force behind Lotus Blossom Clinic.  This is why we offer many alternative modalities such as acupuncture, massage, food as medicine, programs in cognitive enhancement and reversing bone loss, sound healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki.  There are many ways to help our patients find root causes and symptom relief to create better mind, body and spirit balance.

Every practitioner in the clinic offers their own modality to help clients find relief and improve their quality of life. One such modality being offered by one of our newest practitioners is chromotherapy, which is the therapeutic use of colors to promote wellbeing.

Chromotherapy is defined as a treatment that exposes patients to a visible spectrum of colors to promote wellbeing. Color photons have their own wavelength and frequency. Each color has a therapeutic use in color therapy. Yellow light is said to provide healing to internal tissues and purify the skin. Red light is believed to impact the circulatory and nervous system, promote red blood cell production and encourage the body to burn fat. Green light in chromotherapy is used to promote calm energy and relaxation. Purple light is believed to directly impact the lymphatic system and treat various forms of inflammation. Medical grade therapeutic blue light is used to treat liver issues and to lower bilirubin levels. However, blue light exposure from sources of EMF devices has also been linked to reducing the production of melatonin and can negatively impact your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Orange light has been shown to aid in respiratory issues and induce a more calming mood. This is why many alternative practitioners recommend the use of Himalayan salt lamps, which emit healing negative ions, purify the air and provide a serene orange glow.


A study[1] published by the Department of Physics, University of Balochistan, Quetta, Pakistan stated that colors generate electrical vibrations and emit energy that activate processes in the human body. Chromotherapy is believed to promote hormonal secretions of stimulants and sedatives the body releases to balance functioning systems such as the sleep/wake cycle and the natural circadian rhythm. Science has repeatedly proven that light exposure has a major impact on the functioning of the pituitary gland, which is an organ that manages hormone production.

Scientist Dinshah P. Ghadiali, author of the Spectro-Chrome Encyclopaedia[2] stated that the main goal of Chromotherapy is to promote healing by resetting the balance of energies in the body. His research discovered that colors emit energy and vibrations that either sedate or stimulate natural biochemical reactions. His research claims when energy of certain colors is exposed to different organs and systems of the body, one could apply the correct color to help balance an organ or body system and promote healing.

The human mind perceives colors because they emit vibrations, and each color reacts to our eyes and body cells in a certain way as a result. Everyone’s perception is different as well. Therefore, one color may be calming to one person, but alarming to another. This is why chromotherapy practitioners work with clients to find colors, lights, sounds and other natural modalities that promote healing specific to each patient.Color therapy is a unique therapy because it does not require any physical effort or internal consumption of medications or supplements to support wellbeing. Most patients feel calmer and more balanced after just one session!

We are delighted to offer Chromotherapy to our services at Lotus Blossom Clinic by adding the “Good Vibe Tribe” Winslow Dixon and John Paul (JP) Jackson as practitioners.


We are pleased to announce that as of June 1, 2023, we are adding a practice within Lotus Blossom Clinic named Hope Healing Happy Clinic, LLC. Stop by for their Grand Opening on Saturday, June 10th in Suite 3!

Hope Healing Happy Clinic is a holistic practice dedicated to helping clients find hope, healing and happiness through holistic services, healthy non-toxic products and the hope that anyone can improve their quality of life!  They offer alternative services such as: Adrenal & Stress Health Assessment, Biblical Meditation, Bioresonance & Biofeedback Scanning, Chromotherapy, Clinical Herbalism, EMF Protection, Frequency Medicine, Holistic Homemaking, and Tuning Fork Therapy. Services are available both remotely and in person.

They also offer a line of natural products including: Air Cleansing Candles & Wax Melts, Crystals & Gemstones, Dishwasher Pods, EMF Protection Items, Essential Oils, Laundry Detergent, Orgone Generators and Shungite Jewelry.


Welcome J.P Jackson & Winslow Dixon! You can meet them both in person at the upcoming grand opening party Saturday June 10, 2023 from 4:00-6:00pm (floating).  The open house will showcase their services and products and every attendee can get a free bioresonance scan!

Unhealthy cells and out of rhythm chakras can emit altered electromagnetic waves. Bioresonance technology can detect these out of balance waves in the human biofield and can give you a wonderful insight into areas your body may need support in!

If you cannot make it to the event, you can find out a little bit about J.P. and Winslow by reading a snippet of their stories in this article.

J.P. Jackson is a certified sound healer and tuning fork therapist with in-depth experience in helping people with chronic health issues.

Having siblings with cystic fibrosis, his reasons for entering the field of holistic health are personal. His experiences with tuning forks have shown him that sound can be used to help manage physical symptoms, anxiety and reduce stress. He believes that everyone has the right to comfort and wants to offer support to those who are struggling.

J.P. will be offering tuning fork therapy sessions with various different options that allow him to custom tailor each session to the client’s needs.


Winslow Dixon, fondly known as the “Adrenal Herbalist,” spent the last decade working in adrenal health and cortisol care with the organization Adrenal Alternatives (American Adrenal Association) where she worked with all cortisol-related conditions. The limitations western medicine had regarding integrating holistic health into endocrinology led her to the decision to resign and open her own naturopathic practice.

Winslow has published multiple books on the topic of adrenal health including the best sellers, Adrenal Insufficiency 101: A Patient’s Guide to Managing Adrenal Insufficiency and Cortisol Pump 101: A Patient’s Guide to the Cortisol Pumping Method.


Her other published books include:

All are available through Amazon, Kindle E-book and Barnes and Noble.

As a clinical herbalist and frequency medicine practitioner, Winslow will be offering the following services: Adrenal & Stress Health Assessment, Biblical Meditation, Bioresonance/Biofeedback Scanning, Chromotherapy, Clinical Herbalism, Frequency Medicine, EMF Protection Planning and Holistic Homemaking.

Hope Healing Happy Clinic’s goal is to be a beacon of hope to those who have been told there is nothing else western medicine can do to improve their health. From both personal and professional standpoints, Winslow and J.P. have seen the miracles of the human spirit and want to share their experiences and skill sets to help others find quality of life, despite any circumstances.

To find out more about Hope Healing Happy Clinic you can visit their website: hopehealinghappy.com or you can check out their YouTube channel (@HopeHealingHappy) for free holistic recipes and natural lifestyle tips!  You can also reach them by phone at: 941-841-9903.

In Service of Better Life Quality,

Dr. David Martin and Winslow Dixon

Lotus Blossom Clinic- Serving the Greater Fort Myers area with Natural and Holistic Medicine, including Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage, Science-backed Food as Medicine, Energy & Transformational Sessions…and Community Classes & Events both Virtual and In-Person!

Note:We are not MD’s, Nutritionists, or Dieticians.  Vickie Gelardi and Deb Martín are certified in the Conquering Any Disease, a High-Phytochemical Food Healing System, and they work under Dr. David Martín’s directions with his patients, helping them incorporate his dietary guidelines into their lives to improve health.

[1] A Critical Analysis of Chromotherapy and Its Scientific Evolution. Samina T. Yousuf Azeemi* and S. Mohsin Raza. Department of Physics, University of Balochistan, Quetta, Pakistan https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1297510/#__ffn_sectitle
[2] Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia | WRF