Holistic Homemaking- Reducing Toxins for Better Health

Reducing Toxins for Better Health

June 20, 2023
By: Winslow E. Dixon, Clinical Herbalist & Frequency Medicine Practitioner
Editor: Deb Martin, Holistic Health Educator

In addition to alternative modalities such as acupuncture, massage, food as
medicine, programs in cognitive enhancement and reversing bone loss, sound healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, frequency medicine and clinical herbalism; Lotus Blossom Clinic is also passionate about educating our clients on how they can live the most optimal life possible. In doing so, we offer many classes and events to help you improve your quality of life.

Toxic exposure is a major factor affecting optimal health, which is why we are
excited to offer Holistic Homemaking at Lotus Blossom Clinic!

This article will explain what Holistic Homemaking is and educate you on the modern environmental and chemical exposures that can impact your health.


The question of whether natural products are necessary or not is a current topic in today’s world. Are the chemicals in household cleaning supplies, makeup, and beauty products really toxic to you and your family’s health?

Environmental Policy and Children’s Health Association reports that,
“Children have chemical exposures from birth that their parents didn’t have until they were adults. Because children are exposed to toxins at an earlier age than adults, they have more time to develop environmentally triggered diseases, with long latency periods, such as cancer.”

Americans are unknowingly exposed to more toxins in the current day and age than ever before. Perhaps this is why cancer, autoimmune disease and incidences of allergic reactions are increasing at an alarming rate.

Knowing this information, it is no wonder why families are searching for natural, organic options to replace the harsh chemicals used in household products. Awareness regarding toxic exposure is an important step towards protecting our health from toxins.

To live the most optimal life possible, limiting your exposure to toxins is essential to your wellbeing. Many people are unaware of how many subtle chemicals we are exposed to through modern conveniences such as household cleaners, detergents, and beauty products.

Despite the currently alarming statistics of chemical toxicity, there is good
news: You can take control of your chemical exposure! Natural ingredients can be used to replace the toxin-filled products in your home. A great way to do this is to swap toxic products with safe, effective replacements. Learning to identify toxins in household products, cleaning supplies, makeup and personal hygiene products is essential to finding optimal health. But how can you know which ones are safe and which ones are potentially dangerous?


The list below contains a few concerning chemicals you need to be aware of to avoid toxic exposure, as most household products in the United States contain these ingredients. We encourage you to check the items in your home and see if they contain any of these chemicals.  Through their various disruptive actions, these chemicals can damage our bodies, our brains, bones, organs, immune system, nervous systems, and our our daily energy and emotions.  

Phthalates are ingredients used in many cosmetics and other products to make plastics more durable. These chemicals have shown the possibility of damaging human health.

Parabens are a type of preservative used in many beauty and skincare products.
The danger with these chemicals is that they can mimic estrogen in the body. When applied to the skin, they can seep into the bloodstream and create hormone imbalances and disrupt the body’s homeostasis.

SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)/SLES (sodium laureth sulfate)
. This ingredient is what makes detergent lather and causes it to clean through grease. This chemical absorbs into the skin and has been known to cause rashes and allergic reactions.

DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (monoethanolamine), TEA (triethanolamine). These chemicals have been shown to disrupt hormones in the human body and are known for creating nitrates and nitrosamines, which can affect how blood carries oxygen. They can also increase your risk of developing 1,4-dioxane toxicity due to regular exposure to these types of chemicals.

. This chemical is a standard ingredient in traditional soaps because it acts as an antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral. It can be a hazard because it is a known “endocrine disruptor.”

The FDA does not mandate that chemicals listed as “fragrance” must be revealed on labeling or disclosed to consumers. Any fragrance mixture can contain up to 3,000 chemicals. This is concerning because it is completely unregulated, and there is no way of guaranteeing that the ingredients are safe to use.


  • Read
  • Research
  • Replace

READ: The first step is to read every label of every product that you purchase. It is important to know what the chemical composition is of products that go into your body, on your skin and are used in your home, car or office.

RESEARCH: The second step is to research the ingredients found in the products. Odds are, if an ingredient has been banned in another country or has negative research about it you will be able to find this information online.

REPLACE:  The third step is to replace the concerning products with natural,
nontoxic solutions.

You can use a variety of natural ingredients to create products which are safe for
you and your family…and they can be just as effective or better! Learning to identify, reduce and replace toxins with safe natural alternatives is referred to as “holistic homemaking.” An additional bonus to this method is that making your own products can save your family a great deal of money, too!


You owe it to yourself to live the best life possible and take control of your toxic exposure. We are happy to teach you how at our upcoming FREE HOLISTIC HOMEMAKING event

Sunday, August 6, 2023
5:00 – 7:00 pm
Hope Healing Happy Clinic
(in Lotus Blossom Clinic)
6710 Winkler Rd, Suite #3
Fort Myers, FL, 33919

Registration is not necessary but appreciated by texting or calling Winslow at (941) 841-9903.

The class will be taught by Winslow E. Dixon, who is a clinical herbalist and frequency medicine practitioner here at Lotus Blossom Clinic, with her practice Hope Healing Happy Clinic.

Winslow is the author of many books, including Holistic Homemaking and has extensive
experience working with chronic illness patients to reduce their symptoms. She offers the Holistic Homemaking class to educate others on how reducing toxic exposure can have an immense effect on improving quality of life.

In the video below, Winslow explains the Holistic Homemaking program and explains her process for finding better health through this modality.

We hope this article helped educate you on ways you improve your health, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve the SWFL community.

In Service of Better Life Quality,

Dr. David Martin, Deb Martin and Winslow Dixon

Sources: Environmental health hazards: how children are different from adults. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/8528683/

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