How the Chinese Are Winning the Viral War

Chinese Medicine, and other natural and holistic medicines, have not been large in the news, but that doesn’t mean they are not being used. Indeed, in China, herbal medicine is in the limelight as it has integrated in with the Western-style hospitals which are now predominant in that country. In this article, we will explore how the Chinese have “flattened the curve” on the COVID-19 outbreak in China. You’ll find out which other countries in the world are receiving direct medical assistance using the proven herbs from China. You’ll find uncommon information as you read this in an unprecedented time in the world’s history, as every country (except those lands closest to the north and south poles) is quickly being overrun.

On the “other end of the disease”, post-pneumonia, the Chinese know that this virus often has lasting, debilitating effects for patients. Even though COVID-19 will not kill the vast majority of those infected, for those who do experience the pneumonia, lung damage is probable. This may not be an area where Western Medicine, at this time, has disease-damage reversing solutions. Those who survive the pneumonia could be on oxygen for the rest of their lives unless natural treatments are utilized, such as herbal and acupuncture as in China. This is a time for the world to open up to true Integrative Medicine like never before… to save lives and regain health.


As I write this newsletter, the COVID-19 virus has fully escaped from China. Looking at the World Map of its march across the world via Johns Hopkins University’s Amazing Tool called “Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering”, it appears that nearly every country is known to be infected (as shown by red circles). Europe is almost entirely red. And America, which started a few weeks later, is already about 90% red. As has happened in most other countries, much of our country is partially shut down. Some cities and states here…in the land of the free and the brave…are in a near-martial-law status, ordered by their State Governors to “Shelter in Place”. It appears that we all have to go into Hiding from this microscopic warrior.

What can we learn to improve our situation you may ask? For one answer, let’s find out what the Chinese did.


Lotus Blossom Clinic in Fort Myers, Florida is a large holistic wellness center in southwest Florida. Our roots are in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and as such, Dr. David and Deb Martin have closely followed what has happened in China, the epicenter of the COVID-19 viral pandemic. On Jan. 30, 2020, the first state-sponsored use of TCM herbs trial was performed in Wuhan’s worst pneumonia ward, and the results were so positive that on Feb. 10th the Chinese Government mandated that all COVID-19 patients (as well as all hospital workers in facilities treating COVID-19 patients) be given TCM herbs. 

Once the Chinese brought in TCM Experts and herbs (Traditional Chinese Medicine) from Beijing and another province to Wuhan, they began seeing significant health improvements in their Western-Style hospital’s worst pneumonia ward.  They added the herbs to the Western care being received. Within 24 hours many patients could sit up and speak 5 sentences without wheezing.  Some were even prescribed mild, bed-based Qigong exercises!  Within 11 days following this highly-positive results in Wuhan, on February 10th, the Chinese Government mandated that all patients with COVID-19—and all hospital workers–be treated with TCM herbs, in addition to Western treatments. 

As of March 17, reportedly 60,000 Chinese had been treated with TCM herbs. The figures being reported in Chinese news as of March 29 were that over 90% of all COVID-19 patients were treated with TCM herbs. If you examine the statistics by looking at the curve of the deaths in China, you’ll see that within 2 weeks of incorporating TCM herbs, their death rate curve began to shift dramatically. Take a look at this graph by the European CDC, their “Latest Situation Update Worldwide”, as of 3-29-20.

Dr. John K. Chen’s Update to the U.S. Medical Community (3/17/20)
On March 17, 2020, the news of specific herbal remedies used in China for the COVID-19 was made free to all of the world’s medical people (and the curious) to learn. (The Link for this substantive video is in the Reference Section at the bottom of this article).  Dr. John K. Chen, a leading TCM Herbologist in the U.S., recorded an important video on YouTube giving specific information of what the Chinese encountered and learned while treating COVID-19. This is the man who, with his sister Tina T. Chen, rewrote the TCM Herbal Materia Medica.  Dr. David’s copy was published in 2001, and it is now a main text and resource for those trained in and using Chinese Herbs. Because Dr. Chen was first a PhD in Pharmacology (Western Medicine), he has also provided “translations” of the Chinese diagnoses and other medical discussion into more Westernized terminology so both Eastern and Western-trained medical personnel can use his reference book. Born in the U.S., Dr. Chen is ideally suited for this bridging-the-continents work.  He speaks both languages (the spoken word AND both Eastern & Western medicines). He is a highly-credible source.

In his 90-min. YouTube information session on March 17, 2020, Dr. Chen shared the herbal treatments used successfully in China. In one case, a study was performed on the efficacy of the Preventive Herbs, and they were found to be 95% effective. And as stated earlier, in conjunction with the Western-style hospital treatments, including ventilators, the herbs helped turn around the death rate. Now, as I write this on March 31, 2020, China’s COVID-19 death curve has flattened, and they are closing down and consolidating hospital wards. They no longer need the capacity. They are on their way out of the pandemic.

NOTE:  Dr. Chen’s video is best understood by medically-inclined minds. Both Eastern and Western-trained clinicians can learn from this, as well as most of you. (If you have read this far, you are indeed interested!) All may benefit from portions of it, mostly at the beginning with his description of how the virus works, and toward the end where he describes the experience of working in these hospital environments and how he believes this information and the herbs can best be used in the U.S. 


At some point in each of their own ramp up of COVID-19 cases, Italy and Spain, Japan, South Korea, Iran and Singapore have all received assistance or training from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors using herbs, and also in many cases, administering acupuncture. According to a Chinese national newspaper (The South China News), there has been some assistance in the U.S. as well. It is reasonable to expect that some leading, Integrative Medicine hospitals in our huge country will be utilizing Chinese Medicine. The Chinese are also actively working and training medical personnel in Africa. Chinese Medicine is seen as a true lifeline and is being embraced by many countries in Africa as a viable and affordable medicine.


Per Dr. John Chen’s guidance to the TCM Community in the U.S., the influence of Chinese Herbs will be felt here via people served by the thousands of trained Doctors of Oriental Medicine. Lotus Blossom Clinic is focusing on the Front-end and the Back-end of this Disease, as recommended by Dr. Chen.

The Treatment Phase (pneumonia) is beyond our scope to help for two main reasons:

1.  Chinese Medicine is not part of most of the main hospital systems here in the U.S. where the pneumonia is being treated.

2. More than one of the primary, highly-effective herbs used in China is outlawed here.  For example, Ephedra (a TCM herb called ma huang) was wrongly and inappropriately used by people for weight loss and even by athletes as a sort of amphetamine. This uncontrolled use of a powerful agent caused many heart attacks and deaths. The FDA banned the substance in 2004. As with many strong medicines, it should be prescribed and used by clinicians who are using it for its intended purpose. That is most unfortunate, because, in China, the power of this herb has been effective in treating COVID-19 pneumonia. It quickens the body is ways that can save lives in the circumstance of a powerful pneumonia. In fact, the evidence was so strong after the initial Wuhan treatments on Jan. 30th, that the Chinese Government quickly mandated the use of specific herbal treatments in TCM, including the pneumonia phase herbs as required, for all COVID-19 patients.

At Lotus Blossom Clinic, we are providing Preventive herbs and supplements as well as ramping up for the Recovery (post-pneumonia phase) with herbs, used in China.  According to Dr. Chen, those who were hospitalized with pneumonia often had lung damage. This can be successfully treated with specific herbs and acupuncture. 

Acupuncture treatments to aid in healing the lungs (and other issues) will be available as soon as we are able to provide such again at the clinic. At this time, we are only seeing Urgent Care Patients (e.g., someone with serious, urgent pain or who would be further debilitated by not receiving treatments). Call us if you, or someone you care about, needs help to rejuvenate and help their lungs back to better health. We will have the herbs, and acupuncture, which may be urgently indicated, once they are released from the hospital and past the infectious stage.


Chinese Medicine is our foundation at Lotus Blossom Clinic, and we are offering Front-End Treatment (Prevention)  for COVID-19 and other viruses via a customizable Immunity Kit featuring Chinese Medicine as well as key vitamins and minerals which have been shown to be effective in studies… and/or many centuries of empirically-effective use. 


Lotus Blossom Clinic is now positioned to help our Community in the Prevention Phase of COVID-19. The “Immunity Kit” of Prevention herbs, vitamins and minerals includes herbal blends.  The herbs were and continue to be in the standard-of-care Prevention treatments in China for COVID-19 treatment. In this kit you’ll find Gan Mao Ling, Yin Chiao San, and Jade Windscreen, all with preventive/protective actions. Yin Chiao also helps with very early symptom relief and stronger prevention action.

The Kit is based on 3 levels of Risk:

⦁ Low Risk = Healthy and under the age of 50

⦁ Medium Risk = Low-Risk kit plus additional products for those over the age of 50 or with less serious underlying health conditions

⦁ High Risk = Low & High-Risk kit plus additional products for those over the age of 50/with serious underlying health conditions or who may begin experiencing symptoms (and should also immediately seek the care of an M.D.)

More Help:
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Dr. John K. Chen’s Update to the U.S. Medical Community (3/17/20) 

How COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) is Currently Treated in China with TCM, Compiled, Translated and Edited by John K. Chen, Parm.D., PhD., OMD, Lac and Lori Hsu, MTOM, MS, 2020 Lotus Institute of Integrative Medicine

Chinese Medical Herbology & Pharmacology, Hardcover, by John K. Chen and Tina T. Chen; 2004, Art of the Medicine Press

Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications, Pharmacological Effects & Clinical Research, John K. Chen, Tina T. Chen; 2007, Art of Medicine Press

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Dr. David and Deb + our other healing and wellness practitioners and teachers, continue to keep you–our Community–in our hearts and prayers as we reframe our business to meet the needs of this unprecedented time in our world.

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