It is Time for Your Autumn Wellness Visit. 

Autumn is here and the weather is turning cooler.  This type of change in season can affect your health. The season changes, but your body may not change as quickly;  it can put you out of balance and cause a variety of problems.  It may be time for a wellness visit to your local Acupuncturist.



Wellness visits are very important.  You don’t want to wait until you have a huge problem before you visit.  Men are especially bad at taking care of themselves this way.  This is primarily from my observations and from discussions with my female patients who say they cannot seem to get their spouse to see a doctor until there is a major problem. I am going to hazard a few guesses as to the reasons for this phenomenon.

  • I think that one reason is because in this society men are expected to be strong, and going to the doctor might be considered a sign of weakness or a sign of something less than perfection.
  • Another reason could be that there is fear of getting some bad news.  Perhaps not knowing is a more comfortable state of mind.
  • There are always those who procrastinate.  This one is very easy because we have such busy lives.  We all have too much to do; with Facebook and all (;.>)…

But, all kidding aside, there is nothing more important than your health. The best way to deal with all of the terrible health problems that plague Americans is through prevention. If you keep your body healthy so that you don’t get diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, GERD, fibromyalgia, etc. then you come out way ahead financially and with a lot less pain and suffering.

If you already have a health problem then the best thing to do is to manage it immediately, and with iron-handed discipline.  I often get told that it is too hard or too expensive to do the things that keep us healthy. To that I typically respond that seeing your acupuncturist and eating right is not hard; what is hard is living with diabetes, cancer or chronic pain.


A friend of mine who does maintenance on the planes used by Frontier Airlines says that the way they keep their planes in good shape is that they have a very rigorous and thorough maintenance schedule. They find the weaknesses before those weaknesses become problems.  They replace wearing components and make sure that not only that they systems work, but that they work reliably.

If you think of your body as you would an automobile, it needs maintenance on a regular basis to keep it running well.  It needs oil changes and fluid checks and replacement on a regular schedule. You usually do not wait for your car to break down completely before you go to your mechanic.  Well….perhaps some of you do!  But if you do, you probably regret it when you are replacing the engine.  It is no different with your body which needs to have excellent food, regular maintenance, exercise and basic hygiene care in order to perform correctly.

I encourage you to come in for a wellness visit once a quarter just to make sure that your systems are running well and reliably.


As a side-but-very important note:  This summer our Acupuncture Physician, David Martin, went for some specialized training on food healing. This is an additional benefit for your wellness visit.  It might be a good time to review what you are eating and make a good plan to get you through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.   If you have a well-established food program before the holiday, you will have a much better chance of getting through the holiday season without those few extra pounds.

All of us at The Lotus Blossom Clinic wish you the very best of health.  BTW, we have a new healthcare provider coming onboard.   Find out about Larry Witzleben here: