Jason (JaySun) Wechs

License # MA92354

The Art Of Synergy – “ Become More”

Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more aspects, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater then the sum of their separate affects

The Art of Synergy is unlocking the hidden power of self, by integrating and cultivating your natural synergy. It is to teach the connection of the body within itself and to the Universe, how all things are related and interconnected. Our bodies are an amazing synergy of different pieces coming together to work in a perfect harmony. Due to different obstacles we meet in life, like fear, stress, hurt, etc, our bodies natural synergy breaks down and we find ourselves facing a myriad of health issues. Part of our healing is the release of these emotions from the cells, because if not released, they will stay in our bodies often appearing as tight, painful muscles or worse. The Art of Synergy is a means to release and heal the body, allowing the body to release these emotions easily and gently. The Art of Synergy is a synergy of body work, energy work, ThetaHealing and Qi gong. Clients are treated as whole beings and given the tools to continue their work through simple qi gong practices. This is a wholistic treatment and practice that will bring out the Synergy in you and make you more!