Jason (JaySun) Wechs, PLC, LMT

  • Synergy Coach
  • Thetahealer and teacher
  • Reiki Grandmaster and Teacher
  • QiGong and Tai Chi Teacher

JaySun is a teacher, an energy healer, an instructor of Tai Chi and QiGong, and a Synergy coach.  He is a certified Psychosynthesis Coach from the Psychospiritual Institute. He is a certified Tai Chi instructor from the Stone Monkey school of Tai Chi.

JaySun’s mission is to see everyone living at their highest and best state through realizing their own “synergy”.  This Synergy is found when we realize the innate beauty and power that already reside within us.  They are unlocked through a process of self awareness and understanding, conscious breath, and movement.  JaySun acts as your guide and advocate, to support and welcome you to a new state of being where you live your highest and best potential, your own synergy!

License # MA92354