Jeanne Comeau

Jeanne Comeau is a personal growth Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker. Sunsetting a 30+ year career as a Fortune-500 Global IT Executive, Jeanne is living her dream – Preparing the World for Tomorrow.

A successful businesswoman in her own right, Jeanne merges her years of corporate and personal growth knowledge and experience into a number of licensed organizational and personal growth programs – delivering an unparalleled experience with immeasurable benefits that linger long after the experience.  Jeanne’s coaching, teaching and passion bring positive change to the myriad organizations and individuals that seek her expertise.  

With a passion for growth and driven to make a difference, Jeanne’s professional growth career spans 20+ years – beginning in 2000 when she founded The Protocol School of Boston (corporate), and The Etiquette School of Boston(children), teaching and speaking throughout the greater-Boston area. 

With several certifications, Jeanne continues to seek partnership with organizations that deliver integrous, relevant, change-invoking programs. Jeanne’s certifications are:

Corporate Protocol & Etiquette Trainer with The Protocol School of Washington

Gallup StrengthsFinder Coach and Corporate Trainer

Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team

Today, Jeanne is excited to introduce the Lotus Blossom Community (or say our community) to Dr. John Maxwell’s Put Your Dream to the Test program, with an added benefit of delivery through the Power of the MasterMind Group.