Kathryn Udell

Kathryn Udell, MSN, APRN, BC

Nurse Practioner Healing Energy Practitioner APRN 1280482 ANCC Board Certification 0260100

Kat has over 20 years of experience as a nurse practitioner working in emergency and internal medicine, family practice, cardiology and palliative care.

Through this experience she became aware of the strong mind-body-spirit connection to health and disease. She studied quantum physics and the energy force and vibration within all living things which led her to explore various healing energy modalities which promote self healing.

Kat has studied energy medicine as well as Reiki, Healing Touch, aromatherapy and sound therapy. She is a medical intuitive, educator and teacher as well as an advocate in assisting clients with holistic healing modalities. Kat helps her clients understand and work with the mind-body-spirit connection to shift from dis-ease to health, and she collaborates with other holistic specialties for an integrative individual approach for each person.

Appointments are generally one hour in length, and may vary depending upon the client’s unique needs.