Kristine Traucht

Originally licensed in Fort Myers, Florida in 1999, I’ve spent the last two decades in several different states with my husband in the military. In each state, I set up a new massage practice that grew and flourished.

We recently returned home to Florida to care for an ailing parent and to help other aging relatives. This’s my newest massage practice.

I’ve specialized in traditional Thai massage and Thai medicine for the last 10 years. Thai massage draws on centuries of knowledge of holistic medicine, spiritual practice, massage, movement therapy, and energy work. This makes it a very powerful transformative healing treatment.

During a Thai massage, you’ll be wearing loose fitting or sports style clothing. The techniques involve acupressure, joint mobilization, and gentle stretching. Many clients have described Thai massage as a combination of massage, meditation, restorative yoga, and physical therapy.

You should consider Thai massage if you’d like to improve your mobility, your health, and your mental state. It’s also an ideal therapy for systemic or autoimmune conditions or if your suffering from pain and stiffness.

If you’d like to book an appointment with me, you can easily see my schedule and reserve your treatment time on my website here

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