Lisa Mack

CCT, HHC, Thermographer


Thermography is an amazing tool to take care of your health.

Since a young girl I was always very active. Exercising energized me. I would eat all the best foods I could find to stay as healthy as I could. And my passion was dance. At the age of 24, I had noticed a slight change in my health. I was having some difficulty when teaching dance, becoming more winded than normal.


My cardiologist didn’t seem to find anything wrong but a year later, while engaged to be married, I was experiencing heart attack symptoms. I had a cardiac catheterization to see what was wrong and my doctor told me I was “out of his hands” and that he needed to find someone to help me. He sent me to Colombia Presbyterian hospital where, luckily, there was an amazing surgeon that could perform open heart surgery on me. While recovering in the hospital, a nurse whispered in my ear that she had lost her daughter to the same heart disease that I have one year prior to the time I had mine. I knew from the emotion I felt in that moment that I was blessed to be alive.

The possibility having children, my doctor said, was unlikely. In my determined mind I told him, “Oh, I will”. I was given a stress test to find if my body could handle the pregnancy, and with its results he said, “If you can do that, you can have kids!” Three years later, I had my son. The following year, I became very ill and doctors found I had a hole in my left lung. Bacteria had collected in the lung from my heart disease. The medication I was given had not worked. They told me I should not get pregnant again because of the risk of birth defects from the medicine. However, I defied the odds and now am married with 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. Doctors believe that my exercise and nutritional routine is what has kept me alive. So I decided to enroll at Wellness Simplified and become a Holistic Wellness Counselor. My commitment to look at each person as a whole allows for me to work towards bringing a balance back into your life by observing diet, supplements and lifestyle.

In 2012, I took my passion further and became a Certified Thermographic Technician. Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness with several locations throughout New Jersey and New York provides medical Thermography, a radiation-free state-of-the-art screening procedure that captures heat images of through digital infrared thermal imaging.  There is also no compression or risk of damage to implants or underlying breast tissue. Thermography can also be used for full body screening, for both men and women.