MAMMOGRAMS VS. THERMOGRAMS What is both safe and effective?

What is both safe and effective?


I’m already having a great day as I write this e-zine.   I picked up the phone at 9:15 a.m. today.  A young woman was lost, looking for her mammogram appointment.

Interesting Item #1:  She couldn’t FIND the place for her appointment.  Both of her navigation tools failed.

Interesting Item #2:  She called Lotus Blossom Clinic rather than the mammogram screening center. (!)

Interesting Item #3:  She spoke to ME (Deb Martin). I don’t usually answer the clinic phone.  I’m an avid researcher and love to share, AKA, she who knows and talks too much to be efficient at the front-desk position!

Science these past few years has been showing that Mammograms can be more harmful than helpful,  So I turned our young caller toward YOLLO Wellness Center’s safer method of detection.  Thermography can find certain kinds of cancers earlier too –leaving no toxic damage to the cells.  Interested in more info on this technology or want to have your breast (or other body areas) screened for cancer and cardiovascular issues?   Check out YOLLO Wellness in Fort Myers.


Mammogram or Thermagraphy…Which is “Best”?

All tools have their best uses, and sometimes it’s a combo needed for the best solution.  I gleaned from my research that both tools can be valuable.  In certain cases a mammogram may be the best thing.  But certainly NOT as a standard test, and especially NOT for women on a recurring basis.   The radiation and x-rays are toxic and damaging.   I found the info on Dr. Cate’s site to be helpful in gaining a balanced perspective of both diagnostic tools. The other medical professional’s comments were insightful.

and Cancer Prevention?

We commonly recommend Therrnograms as a regular diagnostic tool (which mostly seems to agree with Dr. Cate’s blog/comments).  But what she doesn’t discuss is how toPROTECT and nourish the body.  You do that by how you eat, exercise, and by your levels of happiness (yes, your brain chemicals will predispose you to health or illness).

FOOD HEALING:  Protect yourself by avoiding processed sugars and Genetically-Modified foods (GMO’s) in your standard diet.  (Not saying you can’t have a piece of pie at a special event—it’s what you do MOST of the time that counts in the long run.)  DO EAT cancer-preventing organic fruits & veggies, including raw onion, broccoli, cauliflower.  (Note:   The spouts of these veggies are up to 300 times more powerful than the full-grown versions.  Learn how to sprout on May 17th at Pine Island Botanicals.)

Other powerful tools in this realm are essential oils like Frankincense and medicinal-grade chocolate (the cocoa bean is actually from a fruit).  Ask us about the oil or get a sample of the medicinal Xocai Healthy Chocolate when you come in.  Contact Deb directly about attending a Chocolate Tasting.
I admire the work and the heart of Dr. Bernie Siegel, a veteran cancer surgeon and recognized scientist and healer in the field of cancer. His first book was highly impactful for me:  Love, Medicine and Miracles.
Dr. Siegel’s research helped us understand that the happy patients, the ones with grateful attitudes and a joy for life, were typically the ones who survived and recovered best.   This same logic seems to apply to cancer prevention.


Find and create ways to be happy, calm, peaceful, delighted, loving.  Maybe that is by volunteering at a local pet shelter or going kayaking this weekend.   Perhaps it is a meditative walk in nature or a spiritual practice like prayer.   Maybe it is doing yoga at our personal favorite class with Rhonda in Cape Coral (239-313-0280).  Maybe it is setting up a special appointment with Christine Bronson, the Emotional Healer at our clinic. She can guide you to create the deeper-emotional healing to access “happy”.   Call her to find out more and to set up a free consultation or affordable/valuable healing session:   239-691-0348.

By Dr. David Martin, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician
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