Part 1:     What’s going on & Who are the Players?


It may not be evident to everyone, but our Western Medical Model is teetering. The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell (the first of his books on the New York Times’ Best Seller’s List), describes how Trends that make it into Mainstream success have a few common characteristics.   In this context, we’ll explore the broad transition which is occurring with our Medicine as more and more people and attention moves toward a New Age of Medicine.  One which is less Deterministic.  One which embraces the power of the human body-mind to change…and heal itself.   One where the patient and the doctor and other natural healers are ALL in the game pitching.


Gladwell defines a tipping point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point“. The book seeks to explain and describe the “mysterious” sociological changes that mark everyday life. As Gladwell states, “Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread like viruses do”.





#1:  The Law of the Few

“The Law of the Few”, or, as Malcolm Gladwell states, “The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts”.  Specifically, these are the Connectors (people who know and have wide influence), the Mavens (information & sharing “transfer” specialists) and Salesmen, (charismatic people with powerful negotiation skills).   Paul Revere was such a man with all three skills.  He succeeded in marshalling an army in the night.   Another man who rode the opposite direction was unable to get anyone out of bed.



There are a host of charismatic, highly-knowledgeable people with huge social media and professional outreach in the realm of Medicine.  Not only that, but these are passionate, purpose-driven people.   In some cases, these skills are shared by a small-and-connected group of people.  We can all name specific doctors and scientists who have contributed their talents, made a difference, and metaphorically moved a small, medium, or even BIG mountain, to reveal the river flowing underneath it.


There are so many Game Changers, I will only name a few, just to get you thinking.


SCIENTISTS:  One of those scientists is the amazing mind Stephen Hawking who causes us to pause in amazement at the bigness & smallness of the universe and its many magical qualities.


Another game-changer is Bruce Lipton who for 20 years taught pre-med students at Harvard that “we are victims of our DNA”.  In the 1960’s, he became one of the first five stem-cell researchers IN THE WORLD, and he could not deny science-shattering truth he discovered.  Bruce is author of “The Biology of Belief” (an entertaining and fascinating book) and is the father of “Epigenetics”.  That means “Above the DNA”.  Yes, it’s the environment you create for your body–NOT your parents’ fault–which nearly always determines whether you’ll have a particular disease experience or not.



DOCTORS FROM THE “INSIDE”:  Numerous and influential M.D.’s & D.O.’s have moved over to a greater focus on natural medicine.  Some of these include Dr. Andrew Weil, with his best-selling books and his True Food Restaurants in several cities across America.  He is the reason Dr. David quit drinking coffee about 20 years ago.


Dr. Joseph Mercola has a HUGE span of influence via email lists and social media.  He employs a team of researchers who write excellent articles daily.   His website is  Sayer Ji, a medical researcher from Naples, FL is called to speak on panels about cancer and wheat-related illnesses.  He not only has a huge social media outreach, but he is well known for his excellent medical database thru his company GreenMedInfo.   We often post key research from these resources.  Check out (and LIKE) our Facebook page:




THE POWER OF FOOD:  The world of Natural Medicine itself has Leaders of great note.   Here’s one.  Jeff Primack is a young man of 40 wise years.  He is trained as a QiGong Master (think Tai-Chi) and in the ancient art of reversing diseases using food.  This one man addresses multiple audiences every year of 1000-3000 people (each event), in cities across the U.S., entertaining, feeding, inspiring and educating the masses about Eastern-based natural healing modalities.  This is ancient medicine that’s NOT stagnant.  It continuously evolves to meet the needs of the modern world.


Three Providers, Dr, David, his wife Deb, and Vickie Gelardi at Lotus Blossom Clinic are trained and certified in Jeff’s “Conquering Any Disease”, a disease-reversing food-based system.  We work with the knowledge of chemicals found in plants, based primarily in Chinese Medicine and validated by modern science and proven with real people.  We hold classes every month.  Check our Events calendar at


MORE FOOD MOVEMENTS:  There are many other movements going on across the nation such as various Paleo groups, the CHIP Program, and the Plant-Based Diet Movement  Curious about this last one?  Check out and sign up for their upcoming Picnic on the Beach on August 21st.


MEDIA SOURCES:  One of the most influential magazines is Natural Awakenings.   Linda Sechrist, the magazine’s editor in SW Florida, is one of the most passionate people I know.  She’s passionate about educating and cracking open our consciousness to sources of healing using powerful remedies and methods from the natural world, including our own personal powers of learning, intention, focus, and spiritual beliefs and practices.  Please read her article on local healers who educate people.  We’re honored to be there.


THE INTERNET is a HUGE Game Changer.  This is power to the people.   Yes, you need to be aware of the source.  There is quackery out there too.   Just read some of the blithering funded by Monsanto’s “GMO’s are safe” propaganda.  Sadly, WedMD is partially funded by the AMA, which of course slants some of the data provided.  Well, there’s always Sayer Ji’s medical database at .  Read multiple sources.  Check references.  Don’t have time for all that?   Talk to a doctor, natural medicine healer, or someone who has reversed a disease and already did that leg work.  It needs to be someone you trust to be smart about their health.   Read, Listen, Consider…then make up your own mind.


Join us next month for Part 2 in this Series in which we’ll further explore our Changing Medicine via “The Tipping Point” theory with Malcolm Gladwell’s last two keys to the success of any idea/product/service gaining Mainstream success:

#2:  The Stickiness Factor and

#3:  The Power of Context.

 #4:  New Medicine:  Guiding Lights of the Future


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