Stories of Healing:  Acupuncture

Did you know that Acupuncture is: 

Highly effective for much more than pain and stress/anxiety? The full list is too long to write here. 

These few examples give an idea of its breadth:

  • Acupuncture can help reverse the damage of strokes—the sooner treatment is begun, the better the recovery.
  • Acupuncture can help turn a breach baby and is highly effective at inducing labor—with no danger to mother or baby.
  • Do you know someone with a trigger finger or restless legs? They will likely have a healing with acupuncture.
  • Acupuncture works on chronic and severe headaches when nothing else has. (We’ve seen patients who have had a headache every day for several years.  Even the Mayo Clinic couldn’t touch her pain.  A series of acupuncture treatments ended that long illness.) 
  • Can stop post-chemo pain and neuropathy and bring the brain out of the fog.
  • Can stop smoking for even hard-core folks.
  • Can get someone functioning again when they are in deep grief.


These are some examples of healing stories we hear from our patients at Lotus Blossom Clinic every day.  In this edition I will share stories from some patients who tried standard procedures with no luck but ultimately found results with acupuncture for:   Pain, Dangerous High Blood Pressure, and Post Chemo issues (brain fog and neuropathy pain).


BUNNY’S STORY:  Acupuncture for Pain

The stories of pain remission and stress relief are staple testimonies of the vast majority of people who use acupuncture.  A common theme at our clinic is a patient who has suffered pain for months or years.  They have been to 5 to 10 other doctors and specialists before coming to try acupuncture.  And they are strikingly pleased–nearly always.  View “Bunny’s” happy result here: 


Validated Again by Modern Science  

Not surprising:  A well-organized study in 2016 compared acupuncture to injected morphine for pain relief.  Acupuncture was 40% faster (average 16 min. & 92% effective) vs. Morphine (26 min and 78% effective with adverse side effects in over 50% of the recipients).    Check out the full PubMed page. 



Lynn is one of our most active patients.  She says acupuncture is a Godsend for her because it works every time for any pain she has.  And recently she used acupuncture to effectively manage a painful and dangerous blood pressure situation.


Lynn says:

“I have always had low BP—it is usually 110/65 and sometimes 125/70 when I’ve been very active.  But the combo of coffee and stress recently sent me careening into Stroke Territory.   I have had this happen in the past a few times, (although not as badly) and it takes at least a month to calm down, using blood pressure and medication to relax. 


This time, because acupuncture worked so well, my stress and caffeine reaction lasted only one week.  And most importantly, my blood pressure began dropping immediately.    


As I said, I’ve experienced scary high blood pressure in the past.  To this day my blood pressure rises quickly when I try certain medications and some supplements, and the reaction always lasts about a month.  But my blood pressure never went this high before… nor dropped so fast.  Acupuncture was the lifesaver because the meds usually don’t do much to help get it down.


Last week was a blur, but these are the measurements I recorded:    


  • Sunday was Frightening! I landed in the ER with blood pressure of 237/125:  I started 10 mgs Valium and 100 mgs blood pressure meds.  The meds have not been very effective in the past.  The Valium does help.


  • Monday 189/95 still on meds, had acupuncture. Afterwards my blood pressure came down to 169/85.


  • Tuesday 168/89 had acupuncture, dropped Valium to 5 mgs, and 75 mgs of blood pressure meds


  • Wednesday morning measurement was 150/85. I stopped the Valium and dropped the blood pressure meds to 50 mgs.  After acupuncture and massage, my blood pressure was 130/75.


  • Thursday my measurement was 140/80. I once again went for acupuncture.  Afterwards, my measurement was 130/70.    I dropped to 25 mgs of blood pressure meds.


  • Friday after acupuncture my measurement was 114/71, 25 mgs BP meds


  • Saturday morning reading 97/69, no meds, no acupuncture.


  • Sunday 111/65 no meds, no acupuncture. I feel fine!


 Note:  We also treat patients for irregular heartbeats and other heart conditions.  Discussions of Foods and herbs which can restore and support the cardiovascular system are a part of the treatment session.



While Eastern Medicine has historically treated people for the disease we call “cancer”, acupuncture is one part of that treatment.  Herbs and other lifestyle changes play important roles as well.   And nowadays, it is quite common for people to use both Eastern and Western Medicine.  It’s called “Integrative Medicine”.


People going thru the stress and anxiety of considering their treatment options, undergoing Western-style treatments and their aftermath all benefit from Acupuncture.  It has been extensively proven and is used in many larger hospitals such as Johns Hopkins …and some smaller ones.  Acupuncture treats the worries and depression, nausea, pain, fatigue, neuropathy, constipation/diarrhea and that foggy “chemo brain”. Patients tell us it has also helped them regain agility.  NBC came to our office a few years ago and made this short video about one such patient:  Click on the giant “NBC” on Lotus Blossom Clinic’s main page:  www.lotusblossomclinic.com



This BBC special exploring how and why Acupuncture works is well worth viewing.  It covers SEVERAL stories, including a rather shocking one.   Ever wanted to watch open heart surgery using acupuncture instead of general anesthetic?  Here’s your chance.


Be Well & Get Acupuncture Regularly!



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