Mission Impossible: Stories of Healing


Part 1 of 3:  Food as Medicine


Your body knows how to heal.  You evolved alongside plants, other creatures around and inside of you, and you require minerals from the earth to conduct complex biochemical processes.  Natural medicine is all around you.  What does your body need for best health?


This article series is designed to fire your imagination, broaden your horizons, and inspire hope to keep or retrieve your good health.   Perhaps this broader thinking can save you and others the headaches and even tragedies of becoming unnecessarily caught in the sick care system. Read on, Brave Traveler!  In the first in our series of three Mission Impossible Segments, we start with Food as Medicine disease-reversing success stories.

What about Using Food as Medicine?

Did you know:

  • Lead, the heavy metal, turns “on” cholesterol production and turns “off” cholesterol breakdown?  That means chelation therapy and eating detoxing foods such as cilantro, asparagus, avocado and broccoli could help someone avoid heart disease & high cholesterol drugs.  (1) (2)
  • Medicinal mushrooms can REGROW nerves in the brain, the face, and even the leg and foot?
  • It’s possible to RESTART the digestive process for someone whose system has shut down? This one was scary! 
  • Lupus and MRSA can be managed–and reversed– with diet?
  • Routinely consuming wheat can lead to leaky gut, which opens the door for all manner of digestive illnesses and autoimmune disease?  One case in point, your thyroid tissue is practically identical to one of the 23,000 complex proteins found in modern wheat.  If that undigested protein gets out of the intestines and circulating in the body, of course, your immune system will attack.  But what happens when those trained immune cells “spot” the thyroid tissue?   Ooops….the immune system is confused and sees it as “non-self” too!  (“Can I Eat Wheat at all?”)  
  • Stunning research reveals how our gut bacteria balance  can be a primary cause of everything from diabetes to colon cancer?

 And these are just a few of the near-miracle healings… and poisonings… which occur over time when we consume food or food-like substances.  For better or worse, what we eat becomes our good or bad Medicine!



Let’s hear from and about the people themselves who have recovered from difficult illnesses using food as medicine.  You may know some of them who regained health after dangerous and/or debilitating health challenges!  


Digestive System Shut Down REVERSED!

First up, Janyce tells her astonishing tale of recovery from a serious condition from which Western Medicine gave her no hope of recovery. She was literally wasting away.  And, over the space of a few weeks, out of her wheelchair she came, and in a few months back to travel and work she went!  Here’s Janyce’s story.


Nerve Regrowth?  Yes!

This definitely sounds like a Mission Impossible, doesn’t it?  Nerve damage is often thought to be and can become permanent.  Not so fast, I say.  You’ve got to give Lion’s Mane Mushroom a shot!  Here is one woman’s story, as told by Deb Martin, Medicinal Food Consultant:


After completing a regimen of cancer treatments for salivary gland cancer (surgery and radiation), during which this young woman had continued and completed nursing school, she was ready to start her new career.  She met with me and we put together a food plan to rebuild & support her immune system.  Things were going well, and she was becoming an active athlete, enjoying her job, family, and life in general.  There were some nagging problems, however, as you can imagine if you can’t feel a large part of your face.


Lion’s Mane Mushroom & Acupuncture to the Rescue!

Dr. David began treating her face with acupuncture, and she was seeing some results. And, when she added Lion’s Mane Mushroom Capsules to her daily routine, the feeling started returning to her face more noticeably.  Lion’s Mane Mushroom is unique in the mushroom kingdom.  No other mushroom boasts nerve growth capabilities.  Lion’s Mane contains not only One, but TWO Nerve Growth Factors.


Lupus, MRSA, Fatigue, Weight Gain –All REVERSED!

This sounds like a tough situation, doesn’t it?  Starting with a debilitating autoimmune disease compounded by a painful and deadly strain of bacteria (MRSA), and several other associated conditions.  This woman came full circle with a lot of support and guidance.  I remember the day when she came in with her “the coast is clear” test results.  There was much celebration in the clinic for her!  Annie’s story is told by her Medicinal Food Consultant, Vickie Gelardi:


Annie first came to me for a food consult in early spring 2016.  Her health issues were Lupus, hypothyroidism, MRSA, fatigue, hair loss and weight issues.


At that time she was having an outbreak of the MRSA sores, which are extremely painful.  I recommended a food protocol for her to follow addressing these issues, and we were on our way!  I saw Annie weekly for several months because of the many health issues, and we gradually saw an increase in energy, and the absence of any new MRSA sores.  I saw a very ill, lethargic woman start to transform into someone who was beginning to enjoy life again.


Lupus is an autoimmune disease and a difficult health issue to manage.  Eating the right foods, and eliminating the detrimental ones, was my focus with Annie.  She was diligent in following the protocol I recommended, and still is.  The real test came when she had her blood work done six months after starting on this protocol and her results were:  The Lupus was negligible!  A very exciting day for all.


Today Annie is energetic, working, exercising, following her food program, has lost about 65 pounds and is a happy woman.  Her overall health has improved above and beyond expectations.  Her diligence, her stamina and perseverance brought her to where she is today.  Blessings to you, Annie.  Stay healthy.


Food to DIE FOR.  Huh?!

The next time you hear that oft-used phrase:  “That (bad-thing-you-know-you-shouldn’t eat), is to Die For”,   think about what that actually means!   Is this what you want to set in motion—death by food?


Now consider the opposite.  As your pallet finds new yummy foods and recipes truly supporting health, you can say with an aware mind:  “That (medicinal-chocolate-or-other-healing-food) is to Live For.”  BTW, have you seen the chocolate cooler in our lobby…subtle hint?!


“Let Food be thy Medicine, and Medicine be thy Food.”   – Hippocrates

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Eat Well,

Dr. David and Deb Martin
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