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Scary Results From Last Week’s Email


We’ve had a ton of feedback on last week’s email, and the truth is pretty scary–dangerous drug/herb interactions, improper use of herbs and supplements, and more are happening all too commonly. We also discovered that not everyone discloses or remembers everything they are taking when they fill out the physician intake forms at our clinic or their other primary doctor’s offices. We want to stress how vital it is that your medical professionals know everything that you are taking, down to your powdered green supplements. Because we are concerned that there are more of you out there taking the wrong mix, we’re taking bigger action this week. Dr. Martin has opened up his schedules this Friday May 6, Monday May 9, and Tuesday, May 10th, so they can offer FREE 30-minute sessions to evaluate your health, your goals, and your supplements.

Is there a catch? Nope. Just bring a complete list of vitamins, herbs, supplements and medications and call 239-277-1399 to schedule so that we can save a slot for you.

For extra support, we are also offering $30 group acupuncture and hypnosis sessions on all three days, throughout the day. These aim to serve those of you interested in trying both together for stress relief, weight loss, pain reduction and smoking cessation.

And don’t forget, FREE SPORTS PHYSICALS are being given when we join forces with the rest of the Natural Beginnings team, the Sheriff’s Youth Activities League and the Liam J Perk Foundation at Rotary Park in Cape Coral on May 14th from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

A reprint of the article that’s saving lives is here:
By Dr. David Martin, Fort Myers Acupuncturist.

One of the most costly and common mistakes made by emerging health enthusiasts involves taking supplements based on cursory research on the internet and nutritional health books. Researching supplements is a great plan, but taking supplements without having the proper supervision can be downright deadly. Deceptive packaging may also lead you to believe you need something when you might not. For instance, did you know that too much vitamin D3 over a prolonged period of time can cause serious neurological complications, weight loss and more? Vitamin B6 can reach toxic levels in your system, too. St Johns Wort, popular as a natural treatment for depression, interacts with many medications and causes sensitivity to light. These are just a few supplements that should be monitored closely. So what is a lay person looking to take charge of their health to do?

Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Martin, observes a hierarchy of health when considering what treatment is most appropriate for a patient. Which of these basics can you safely check?

What is your access to clean, fresh air? Our bodies need oxygen to function. Walking in nature for 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your bodies ability to function well. A brisk walk can also chase away the blues by increasing endorphins.

How much pure, clean water do you drink each day? For an adult of average health, we recommend taking the body weight and dividing it in half, drinking that number in ounces a day. For instance, a 100 pound woman would drink 50 ounces each day, remembering to add more pure water in for each cup of coffee you drink, and be sure to replace fluids from working out. Keep in mind that dehydration can cause symptoms akin to depression, anxiety and irritability.

Are you eating 7-11 fresh vegetables a day? Preferably organic? Vegetables are a number one source of nutrition and natural cleansing to our bodies. Small frequent meals containing nature’s power foods can also help to regulate blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugar can lead to clearer thinking and a better quality of life. Meditating, hypnosis, daily, gratitude journals and food journals are also tools that can help you to stay on track with eating and feeling better overall in life. So consider adding those tools as well.

If you are meeting the first three requirements more than 80% of the time, and receiving some type of wellness treatment like acupuncture, chiropractic, hypnosis, etc. for your presenting problem, then we start to think about what herbs or nutritional supplements might be needed to reset your system. Most supplements are meant to be taken short term, and once the goal of the treatment is accomplished, you are directed to stop taking them. The more you do your “homework” by meeting goals 1-4, the shorter your span of supplemental treatment will most likely be.

For persistent problems that do not respond to the above treatments, and for urgent or acute matters, we always recommend Western Medicine. Western Medicine is fast and potent. It’s the Number 1 course of treatment for acute problems, particularly of the life threatening variety. Integrative and alternative therapies excel more in the area of chronic issues, which are the basis of about 75% of medical treatment in the U.S.

Don’t forget, to call 239-277-1399 today.  Dr. Martin has opened up his calendars this Friday May 6, Monday May 9, and Tuesday, May 10th, so he can offer FREE 30-minute sessions to evaluate your health, your goals, and your supplements.

By Dr. David Martin, Fort Myers Acupuncturist