Natural Flu Shots

Happy New Year!   Our aim is to make 2014 another action-packed year of educating and updating everyone about health-maintaining and natural healing options.   So, let’s get started.

Many of you  believe–like we do–that the best way to stay healthy is to EAT healthy.  Mother Nature is full of healing agents …found all around us in the natural world.  Just a few examples:   Eat your spinach, blueberries and dark chocolate for their healing antioxidants.   Consume broccoli for its huge, immune system-boosting, anti-cancer effect.  (Interesting Fact:   Broccoli is about 300 times more powerful in sprout form.)   We will write more articles about food this year because FOOD IS OUR MEDICINE!

And, of course, being a natural medicine clinic, we carry immune boosting and healing herbs.  Speaking about boosting immunity….

Herbal Power
Two Chinese herbs our family has relied on– with great success–to boost immunity and to either stop or seriously short-cut common illnesses (like flu and colds) are:  Gan Mao Ling and Yin Chiao.  My wife, Deb, carries these small pills in her purse always!   We also have a Southern Hemisphere Herb called Healthy Chocolate…the most powerful anti-inflammatory we’ve found in nature,,,and also an immune system booster packed with nutrients.   (And, yes, Deb carries these in her purse also.  If you have a headache, fibromyalgia symptoms, or a sore throat, she’s likely to hand you a cup of water and one or two medicinal chocolates.)

Essential Oils to the Rescue
These plant-based potent sources of healing incorporate all the immune components of the plants in a concentrated form.  They can be highly effective.   Eucalyptus oil, for example, is used in Australian hospitals to control the deadly MRSA bacteria.   Ever wonder why antibiotics are becoming less and less useful?  It’s really quite simple.   Man-made solutions tend to have only ONE active approach to killing bacteria.  Once the bacteria evolve to disarm that single-solution approach– “poof!”– it doesn’t work anymore.   Nature’s plants, however, have a much more complex arsenal.  They can use multiple compounds to resolve and neutralize bacteria.

Nature’s Flu Shots Slam (Note: these do not contain the influenza virus)
This week I found a cheerful website online offering Homemade “Flu Shot” recipes.    These are fun and simple drinks YOU can make to keep you and your family healthy over these winter months.  It’s all about fortifying your immune system.  Which one will you try first?


Apple Cider Slammer
The Mayo Clinic says Apple Cider’s beta-carotene has excellent antioxidant properties to counteract the damage done by free radicals…and it boosts your immune system.
Be sure to get ORGANIC on this.  Apples are on the “Dirty Dozen” list — they are heavily sprayed in commercial orchards, and their thin skin isn’t much protection for the fruit.

Green Machine
The Green Leafy’s (kale, spinach, and parsley) pack in excellent nutrition, including magnesium (sadly low in the Standard American Diet, aka “SAD”), folate and Vitamin B6.  B6, for example, boosts antibody production in your immune system.

Cod Liver Kiss
Fermented Cod Liver Oil contains more Vitamin A than any other common food (per unit).   Great source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and helps regulate and boost overall immune system function.

Blueberry Blast
Blueberries get the highest rating in antioxidants compared to other fruits…unless you consider cacao (chocolate) a fruit.  It grows on a tree in a pod.  Cacao (raw chocolate) is THIRTEEN times more powerful than blueberries in its harder-to-find palatable RAW form.  We carry it on our shelves in the form of Xocai Healthy Chocolates (delicious, dark Belgium chocolates).   Combined with Vitamin D, it gives your body the ability to fend off illness (not to mention, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties that are huge benefits of antioxidants).

Carrot Kicker
The beta carotene in carrots is a powerful support to your immune system in the creation of mucus membrane which coats and protects your respiratory and intestinal tracts.  Help your body make this barrier that the bacteria can’t get thru!

Lemon Ginger Drop
Now here’s a power duo!   They support a strong immune system via lemon’s vitamin C content, and together they help fight off oncoming illness.  Soothe a sore throat and irritated membranes  with lemon.  Ginger cleanses the lymphatic system and is an anti-bacterial agent.

– Mmmm!   See one of the recipes and the link to the rest of them in our Recipe section below.

At Lotus Blossom Clinic we recommend that you participate in life, eat real food, enjoy friends and family, and come in for a quarterly acupuncture session to help keep your body and immune system tuned. This is all part of the balance that keeps us healthy, and Chinese Medicine is all about balance.  Get your Qi (energy) moving and balance your internal resources (your Yin and Yang –and your various organ systems).  

Begin 2014 by supporting your health in this simple and creative, natural manner….make yourself a “shot” today to start your New Year off right!    You will be glad you did. 


To Your Health,
David (& Deb) Martin
Lotus Blossom Clinic
Doctor of Oriental Medicine Practicing in Fort Myers, Florida
(239) 277-1399