It is now officially Cold and Flu Season.   Several of our neighbors and patients have really suffered over the holidays, and pregnant women should avoid most medications which could harm the baby.  So what can you DO that is safe and natural?  Well, as it turns out, there is plenty you can do.  Let’s start with your body’s need for Vitamin D, which recent science shows is also be highly effective in preventing breast cancer, an immune system disease.  Having enough Vitamin D is a huge factor for staying healthy by boosting your immune system.

We’ve all been taught to fear the sun’s damaging rays which can cause burns, skin aging, and cancer.  But did you know that inadequate amounts of this abundant resource can be dangerous to your health?  Vitamin D is known as “The Sunshine Vitamin”, and it’s linked directly to many aspects of your health.   The best source of Vitamin D is the sun…or secondarily from supplementation at the level of 5000 IU daily of a quality vitamin.    Our best advice?  Plan to get 30 minutes of sun exposure early in the day to allow your body to absorb the sun’s nutrients.  Oh, and leave the sunglasses off (as long as you are not laying on your back).  Your eyes need to take in the sun too.

Learn more by reading the full article, “Here Comes the Sun”

Stay tuned.  Our next article will focus on virus-killing  and immune boosting foods!  (And we have several classes in January, starting January 8th, which will cover many of these key foods.)

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