The new Coronavirus (dubbed “COVID-19” or “nCoV-2019”) is likely the hottest topic of discussion around the world today. What I’m not hearing or seeing in the media is discussion and information about natural and holistic medicines and how we have viable protective and anti-viral options available right now! What I am seeing is the hype that scares everyone. This article will address several of the available herbs, foods, and more that can be found in your kitchen and at our clinic or other natural health stores.

As of Wednesday, March 4, 2020, there are over 92,000 cases confirmed worldwide. There seems to be an outbreak happening in Washington State in the U.S., even a couple of cases in Sarasota. The CDC has made clear warnings to expect more and prepare. Many people are wild with Fear! Most of the toilet paper and water has reportedly been purchased from Costco today. Some people are in full panic.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s consulting Medical Doctor, says most people may not even be aware they have the virus. If they have healthy immune systems, this is not much of a threat. The people at most risk are senior citizens and the immune compromised. Who do you believe? What to do about this conflicting information? Stay aware, make smart choices for your health (including staying calm), and read articles that give you answers to help stay well or get rid of the virus if you get it. You have options in the natural world!



The spread of this virus caught the vaccine makers–and some cruise ships–by surprise. One ship was quarantined in a Japanese harbor for two weeks. The Diamond Princess has 1500 passenger cabins and had a crew of 1045 onboard. It can hold 2670 people. Assuming the ship was full, 25% of these people tested positive for the virus (634 to be exact), and 2 of them died during this extended voyage. It was a petri dish situation, and it is likely more of them will continue to sicken from this virus as it keeps spreading.

It seems the 1045-person crew maintained this situation reasonably well. Passengers were fed, laundry was done. They did their best to entertain the passengers over their video system, delivering games to the cabins, and they even took on the additional duty of monitoring hallways. Although the ship clearly was not medically staffed to manage the situation…this was a shock to all. It was not a normal trip at sea. It seems to me that the crew’s performance in this highly-charged situation was Remarkable. If you know anyone who served on this ship who comes to Fort Myers, we would be honored to treat them to a day of relaxing acupuncture, massage and more. They are true heroes, and many of them were among the sick too.



It is not just CoVid19 we need to be thinking about. Remember the Ebola outbreak in 2014-2016? This was a deadly epidemic, mostly contained in West Africa. (And there was another minor outbreak there in 2019.) Of course, there was the Spanish Flu of 1918; it was the most-deadly virus known in “modern” times. From 2002-2004 we had the SARS virus (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). This one affected 26 countries and infected 8000 people in 2003. Then in 2009 we had the Swine Flu. The Spanish and Swine flu viruses were both types of H1N1 influenza. And there will be others.



While much of the world’s media and governments push for and wait on a vaccine to save everyone, those of us in Natural Medicine know there are agents from Mother Nature which can be effectively deployed right now, often in conjunction with Western treatments.

Modern science just isn’t faster than Nature. The world of viruses is an active place, and the likelihood that humans will ever eradicate all pathogenic viruses seems low, if not impossible. Of course, Modern Medicine did great with vaccines for Small Pox, Measles and Polio. However, the common cold is a coronavirus.

Enveloped by a glycoprotein shell, the coronavirus affecting the world today appears to have the same physical “shell” or “viral envelope” as SARS, MERS, HIV, Herpes (HSV-2), Hepatitis C and Ebola. Both MERS and SARS are of the coronavirus family, so they are closely related. We can learn from what has worked to halt or slow these other, similarly-cloaked viruses.



Natural Medicine has a lot to offer for today’s viral troubles. Mother Nature moves forward on many paths simultaneously. There is connectivity, symbiotic relationships, and trillions of battles at the molecular level on any given day. Every cell has intelligence, and some cells figure out how to beat the bad guys. Let’s explore a few of them.



You may notice that people who consume fermented foods, especially the home-made variety, seem to have less of all the major diseases, allergies, better skin, outstanding digestive tracks and more energy! This is no accident. The friendly co-creative bacteria, yeast, and enzymes are all at work in their bodies. And when it comes to viral infections, those enzymes can hit a pathogenic virus where it counts.

Most viruses, including COVID-19, have a protective coating around them which effectively hides them from our immune system. Proteolytic enzymes literally EAT this “shell”. Enzymes also help break down our food, and as we age, these enzymes become less plentiful. To add insult to age, as people consume antacid medicines, they are, in effect, weakening their immune systems further. Less enzymes mean less natural immunity. These are contributing factors to the reasons older people (over 50) are the highest impact group, with most of those who die from it being over 50 years old.

Gut Health is more and more on the frontline of people’s understanding about health. It truly is a guiding light for the future! If you’ve been stalling, not “ready” to do anything about this foundation of health in your own life, this could be your wake-up call. Do it NOW as a preventive!

Not doing the fermented foods yet? Here are two simple options:

1.  Enzyme supplements: Lotus Blossom Clinic carries two excellent enzyme products. What an EASY way to protect yourself! Have a capsule with your meals as digestive enzymes. You can also take them as a protective measure between mealtimes. If the enzymes are not used in the digestive process, they will go to work in other ways, including easing pain and possibly EATING the shell off a virus, thus decloaking it so your immune cells can do their job to kill it.

2. Eat pineapple or papaya. Do this in the same manner described above, and for the same reasons. These foods contain powerful enzymes, and they grow here in SW Florida!



Lectins have recently been demonized by some food authorities, who are now touting a Lectin-Free diet. Lectins are found in almost all plants, including tomatoes, beans, and grains. Indeed, this new diet has helped many people. But as with everything, there’s more to it than one opinion. It’s a whole topic more properly set for a food class or food consultation discussion. However, these lectins DO have a function that actually helps humans defeat the Coronavirus!

Lectins are compounds which are an important part of the immune system of plants to manage their “pests”. Studies have found that mannose-binding lectins found in plants break down the glycoprotein shells of many viruses—including Ebola and SARS, both Coronaviruses. Therefore, this may be true for the entire Coronavirus family.

Several animal tests and human cell laboratory tests have demonstrated that mannose-binding lectins are successful in halting replication of the virus. In one study, 33 plants with mannose-binding lectins were tested, and 15 of them were found to be successful against MERS and SARS. Most of them were flowers. Some of the plants tested include: Amaryllis, tulips, daffodils, leeks, taro, algae and licorice root. They work because they stimulate the immune system. Licorice Root – reduces replication by melting the shell, AND it boosts the innate immune activity.

According to doctors at the University of California at Davis discussing the Mannose-binding lectin called Griffithsin is found in many types of algae (e.g. red amd blue-green varieties):
“Griffithsin is a marine algal lectin that exhibits broad-spectrum antiviral activity by binding oligomannose glycans on viral envelope glycoproteins.”

And from the University of Louisville School of Medicine who studied Griffithsin, here’s a reason to take algae as a preventive:
“These finds support further evaluation of GRFT (Griffithsin) for pre-exposure prophylaxis against emerging epidemics for which specific therapeutics are not available, including systemic and enteric infections caused by susceptible enveloped viruses.”

In a study on mice with Ebola, researchers found that Griffithsin halted not only replication, but made mice immune to the virus. Similar results were found with SARS and MERS infections. Again, due to the similarity of the viruses—these both being Coronaviruses—this is likely to be true for COVID-19.



The researchers in the 2018 study from University of California (above) reviewed the technical ability to mass-produce Griffithsin, in this case, for HIV infections, using plants to produce the extract. They illustrated the end cost to be quite low: $.38/dose for 6.7 million doses of the microbicide at 3 mg/dose.

This is the nature of treating disease with plant medicines: Plants are economical and productive on a large scale, as we know from food and herbal medicine production. This does not draw the pharmaceutical industry to invest. AND, there are already supplements and powders in the market, ready to buy! Lotus Blossom Clinic carries spirulina, for example, and it can be added to your morning smoothie.



We are not done yet with the amazing list of possible ways to defeat this virus! There are a wealth of health aids in Mother Nature’s Medicine Chest to protect you and your family…and to help those who may become ill. These are among the top solutions in natural and holistic medicine, but by all means are not everything. We are fortunate. Abundance is ours!



Yes, acupuncture can and does boost the immune system. Using this ancient medicine, in conjunction with herbs, medicinal use of foods, washing your hands, and using other protective measures prepares the body systems to work at their highest levels! So do many other practices such as meditation and qigong. We have weekly events for BOTH of these practices.

Recently released, Gulf Coast Meditations “Abundance” CD features Deb Martin, medicinal foods educator and Reiki Master AND our own nurse practitioner & energy healer, Kathryn Udell (plus 8 other amazing artists). You’ll find it at the clinic and available online on all major digital platforms such as Amazon and Spotify.



Surface-to-hand or hand-to-hand contact is often a primary source for bacterial or viral disease transmission. Surfaces contain a biofilm, a biologically active layer that coats surfaces and can harbor pathogens. It’s obviously a good idea to clean off or “disarm” this biofilm.

Siani is a Probiotic product company, and they have a spray which neutralizes/clears the biofilm. Siani probiotic sprays are very effective and are used in some hospitals in the UK. The human-friendly probiotics “eat” pathogenic viruses and take up residence, e.g. claiming the turf. This approach lasts for days instead of hours with standard sterilization techniques. (More hospitals need to catch on to Siani’s solution!)

We use these products at Lotus Blossom Clinic in two ways: 1. Skin issues of all types, from simple skin cuts to Shingles to gum inflammation and infections in the mouth. We’ve effectively used it with one of our dogs as well. And, during flu season especially, we spray surfaces with them.

It’s a BIG seller in Asia too, starting in 2019 year due to a hoof-and-mouth disease outbreak in Vietnam. Siani is a young company, and they had to ramp up quickly to meet the high demand for thousands of bottles at a time! How does it work? Siani’s Probiotic Spray kills by destroying the biofilm on surfaces. With no place to “land” and be harbored, viruses and bacteria die.



Debuting this very month of March 2020, and based on the Conquering any Disease Food Healing system we use at Lotus Blossom Clinic, a new work is being introduced. It’s called “The Food Healing Oracle Deck”, and you can find a Facebook Page of the same name with more details on how to acquire a deck of your own.

“Garlic has the starring role of “PROTECTION” in The Food Healing Oracle Deck. Garlic is a fantastic food that is amazing for immunity and killing certain viruses. Why? The sulfur in garlic helps our body detox the liver by increasing glutathione levels which is an ace at its removal function. Sounds like a lot of big words, but those are words we want in our life. Its Allicin content is anti-microbial and is a champion in protecting us against what’s floating about. Protect yourself naturally!

Besides keeping us strong and protecting us against harmful bacteria, particularly when eaten raw (throw it in a smoothie), it is also a blood thinner that help keep blood flow moving smoothly in the arteries.

Also, another fancy word but important, is myricetin, another phytochemical in garlic which studies have shown to have strong anti-cancer properties, help against diabetes and disrupts free radicals causing havoc in the body system.”
Lainie Sevante Wulkan and Joanna Salerno, co-creators of The Food Healing Oracle Deck



It worked in China against Swine Flu in 2009. It works for Sepsis, which has pneumonia-like activity. Vitamin C treatment is cheap, and actually quite effective. As I write this, an NIH, government-funded study is seeking volunteers to participate in a study which is about to begin. (See the article in the Reference section below describing some of the studies.)

Ever notice how dogs and cats don’t seem to catch the corona virus? It’s because they naturally create their own Vitamin C.  Human’s do not. We need to acquire it thru the fruits and vegetables…or vitamins.  It’s a good idea to consult with and buy from a natural medicine professional to ensure you find a highly-absorbable type of Vitamin C. Acorbic acids can be made of less-effective synthentics. We carry a highly-absorbable, time-release Metagenics Vitamin C product.



Paul Stamets, arguably the world’s leading mycologist (mushroom scientist) and the maker of “Host Defense” Medicinal Mushroom products, spoke at the Exponential Medicine Conference on November 11, 2014. A reporter shared this from his talk:

“We’re beginning to discover a set of very complex molecules formed by mushrooms according to Stamets. Two coumarin compounds unique to a variety of Agarikon, for example, have been shown to help fight the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. Agarikon also exhibits antiviral activity against cowpox, swine and bird flu, and herpes.”

Swine Flu and Herpes, like today’s COVID-19, have been identified as viruses with a glycoprotein shell (it’s their cloaking device which shields them from our white blood army Killer cells). So, the Agarikon Mushroom is likely to be another effective approach to killing CoVid19. From later studies, in conjunction with the Defense Department, Paul Stamets found Agarikon also to be a slayer of Small Pox. This mushroom can deal with the big-beast viruses!

In what forms can you find Agarikon at the clinic? Well, several, actually. One super easy and cost-effective one is the Mushroom Spray we carry which has the top FIVE anti-viral mushrooms. Two-three squirts in the mouth, 2-3 times per day is a good prophylactic. And they come in several tasty flavors. Ask to sample it when you stop by the clinic. Or perhaps set up a consult with one of our practitioners to discuss your personal immunity concerns and develop a list of protective measures for you and your family.



In Dr. Cass Ingram’s book “Doctor’s Guide to Wild Oregano Oil”, he describes how the use of wild oregano, the crude herbal complex with Rhus coriara, was often quick to stop symptoms of the flu within a few hours and in the very least reduced their severity by 50%. We explored this super-power natural antibiotic in our previous article: “Oil of Oregano: Can It Take the Place of Antibiotics?



If one of us at Lotus Blossom Clinic had the flu, we’d be eating coconut oil. In our article from 2018, Demonizing Coconut Oil, Again? we share how it is the most DIFFERENT of the plant-based oils, and so it can, in fact, do rather miraculous things! Within our own food-healing family, one of our members reversed HIV antibodies to “undetectable levels”, meaning she became well!



We hope you see there are fierce allays on your side. They are from Mother Nature’s Medicine Chest, and we have developed Basic and Advanced COVID19 Kits to protect you and your family. Come see us. Call us. Set up a consultation about your health concerns with Dr. David.  Concerned?  Have ideas to share? Let us know how we can help.

In Strong Immunity and Community,

Dr. David & Deb Martin
…and all the Practitioners at Lotus Blossom Clinic

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