Natural Treatments For Cancer

Part 3 in our 3-part series:  CANCER, It Isn’t What You Think

“In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.”

—Galileo Galilei, 1564-1642


Suzanne Somers was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001.  She understood that she had TIME to research and to determine her course of treatment because cancer does not kill overnight.  As she began to study the situation, she was horrified with conventional cancer treatment’s lack of success with chemotherapy.  For example, according to her research, Testicular Cancer, Childhood Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma are about the only cancers for which clinical evidence exists that chemotherapy is effective, e.g. most patients go on to live normal lives.   Her decision was to use radiation and a lumpectomy, and she also learned the importance of lifestyle changes such as eating for her health.

Then in 2009, she was again diagnosed with cancer…and this time it was “late stage and full body”.  More on that in a moment….

So what about breast cancer, colon cancer, and all the other cancers?  Western treatments do not appear to work well, statistically speaking.    As stated in an earlier article, the rate of success with conventional cancer treatment is less than 3% ….meaning that less than 3% of people treated with chemo and radiation are alive after 5 years.

It’s the standard Western Medicine vs. Eastern Medicine story.   Western focuses on Stop, Kill, Attack.  Sometimes that is what’s needed…particularly in urgent care situations.   Eastern Medicine (and other natural-focused, holistic medicine) focus on Heal, Nourish, Balance.  This approach is most effective for chronic conditions, and cancer is the result of a chronic condition.  The good news?   There are MANY natural approaches to healing cancer, which is arguably a disease of the immune system.  It has identifiable causes, and healing agents can be found in nature.

Oh, and just for the record, Suzanne Somer’s doctors in 2009 were WRONG.  After 6 days and 6 doctors giving her a death sentence, the 7th day she was declared “clean”.  Huh?!   That should make us all pause before pulling the fear trigger and saying “Yes” to any toxic or destructive medical procedures!    After that experience, she decided to write her next book on cancer:  “Knockout – Doctors Who are Curing Cancer”.   Here’s a short interview with this intelligent woman about her experience.



Let’s just say they are too numerous to count.  Some methods will be more effective than others, and will be so for individual cases.  There are many, many co-factors to healing, including the patient’s own belief about their ability to heal.  I highly recommend this book to give you the broadest range and some depth of understanding of many natural approaches to treating cancer:   Kill Cancer, Not People, by Richard G. Wright.

For the remainder of this article, I’m going to take you on a high-level journey of a few natural medicine  approaches.  Some may surprise you.  But you already KNOW food is a big part of it!


THE BELIEF SYSTEM – The ‘Nocebo’ Effect 

In medicine, a nocebo (Latin for “I shall harm”) is an inert substance that creates harmful effects in a patient.   When the doctor says “You only have 30 days to live”, the patient can make that come true thru their belief system.   We literally can think ourselves to the grave.   At a televised medical panel from New York earlier this year, it was stated that over 26% of patients given a terminal diagnosis die within the first month.   Plus, the effect of the patient’s response to the diagnosis is a huge determinant to the success of their chosen treatment.   It’s a fact:  Both our Fear and our Hope/Expectations are powerful.     Therefore, it is clearly the responsibility of medical personnel NOT to give a death sentence.  And it is the inherent responsibility of the patient to take on their healing as a participatory sport; the patient bears responsibility for their own healing thru nourished beliefs and practices.   Read all about it in Dr. Bernie Siegel’s classic book of observations during his years of treating cancer patients.  His compelling book is aptly named Love, Medicine, and Miracles.

Christine Bronson exclusively works at Lotus Blossom Clinic in the realm of belief systems and emotionally-stuck issues.  You will also find ancient wisdom all around you in our other Providers at the clinic, in your own spiritual institutions, personal and physical connections on this earth.  Use them!

THE DIET – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DIET!  We get toxic, and we have to detoxify to heal.

  • USE FOOD TO HEAL: In our clinic, we are certified and actively teach Food as Medicine Protocols.  Our primary reference and food training is based on the work of Jeff Primack, and it is primarily Asian based.  His book is Conquering Any Disease.  Check it out…it’s on the shelf in our lobby.   We call it the “CAD”.   This book includes 27 different  food-healing protocols (some with supplements) that have helped many people heal from cancer and many other dis-eases.  The data is time tested and now validated by science.   See for more information.  Jeff will be giving a seminar in Orlando in early June.  We highly recommend it.


We also adapt the CAD Cancer Protocol in our work with patients after or in conjunction with conventional cancer therapies.  If the cancer patient tries to use the CAD Protocol alongside cancer treatments, however, the powerful foods will weaken or even STOP the cancer drugs.   Yes, Food is powerful medicine!  We can help guide you.


  • Just Get OFF the Standard American Diet: People often experience amazing health results of all kinds when they move away from the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) with all its processed sugars, chemicals, poisons, built-in antibiotics and altered genetics (GMO’s).   Lots of food systems will work for people, and many of the foods to avoid and include will be the same because our bodies respond when we feed them proper nutrition… as designed by nature.   Primarily avoid all the GMO and chemical sugars and fats.   Watch out for wheat and dairy too.   Eat Clean, and eat enough of the good stuff!    Get solid information about the nutrition your body needs to heal and thrive.  One way to do that is to attend a class or set up a consultation with one of our Medicinal Food Consultants (Dr. David, Deb, or Vickie).  Also, we encourage you to speak with other medical professionals who have studied the phytochemicals in food that target specific aspects of your health.  Do your research.  Make a plan.  Do it!


  • Buy Organic: It is important to get the best nutrients, and that often requires buying organic.  Not everything has to be organic.  Some foods are more important to purchase organic than others.  For example, your sources of animal proteins need to be organic.  The GMO feed, antibiotics, and other unhealthy practices in most commercial animal agriculture are not only inhumane, they create a toxic concentration in the meat or farmed fish.   OK, so organic farmers are not subsidized by our government as are chemical and GMO sources.  Plan to pay for organic now and live the good life, or pay the doctors, hospitals and pharmaceuticals later and live with the consequences.   BTW, if more of us start voting organic with our dollars, our free market economy will adjust and begin producing more of the good stuff at a lower cost.



  • TURMERIC could be the #1 Compound for Healing Cancer. (We know some pretty powerful Mushrooms too!)  According to Sayer Ji, respected medical researcher from Naples, Turmeric–or specifically curcumin, which is 2% of turmeric by weight— performs thousands of gene regulation processes and redirects rogue cells.  Curcumin can literally turn on and off different cell responses to different conditions.  That is why, when asked  to name his idea of the #1 compound which naturally aids in preventing/healing cancer, his answer was “Turmeric”.    It is interesting to note that the incidence of cancer in India is a tiny percentage of what it is here in the U.S.  And it seems logical that turmeric is a significant factor because it used in their daily food.  Interestingly, it also helps to act as a preservative due to its high antioxidant load.  Quite useful  in a country where many do not have the luxury of refrigeration.   We carry POWERFUL Curcumin products at the clinic.   Sign up for emails and research updates from Sayer Ji.


  • Vitamin D and Sunshine. Sunbathing, anyone?   Here is some recent science on that topic from Sayer Ji in regard to breast cancer.  Check out the recent research by Sayer Ji.


  • Visit a Shaman in the Amazon. Yes, they use herbal drinks, organic produce, local fish and a special medicine of Central and South America (raw cacao) in their healing protocols.  And yes, we carry a raw cacao product at our clinic that has proven medicinal uses.  It’s called Xocai The Healthy Chocolate.   The science done with raw cacao has documented WHY and HOW raw cacao works at the cellular level to switch on and off gene expression, including preventing blood vessel growth to feed tumors.  Be aware, however,  that you have to get enough of “the good stuff” in your system on a daily basis.  This video chronicals 8 patients with serious illnesses who went to the Amazon forest to work with Shamans.  They were there only a month, and some of the results were just amazing in that amount of time!  Watch Sacred Science when you have a little over an hour.


  • The Key Role of Essential Fatty Acids and Nutrition. In his book, The Hidden Story of Cancer, Brian Peskin’s research (covering considerable research of many doctors and scientists) reveals the power of an excellent balance of Omega 3 and 6 oils in the human body.  Here’s the big upshot:  Omega oils are key to our cells’ ability to absorb and use oxygen.


This should sound familiar.  As you may recall from our previous article in this series, when our bodies are exposed to toxins long enough, cells can become anaerobic (no longer using oxygen), and THIS is what causes the cell to convert to the toxic “fermentation” process.  The DNA switch goes rogue in those cells, they no longer play nice with their host…and they forget how to die.  They become cancerous.  The good news is that this process of converting from a healthy, oxygen-based cell to one using a fermentation process (anaerobic) takes 10-15 years.  If you are reading this article, you can change the course of your cells RIGHT NOW by learning how to eat right and exercise to support healthy cell “breathing”.

  •  Note: Brian Peskin’s operations, based in Houston, were effectively shut down by the state of Texas.  The company with whom he was associated was manufacturing the supplements without ‘proper state licensure’.  However, his science research is still being cited in 2015 by leading MD’s who DO practice natural healing methods for cancer.  Why?  Because it seems to be a key part within many protocols, and these protocols appear to work better than conventional cancer therapies of chemo and radiation.  Even patients who are in steady or dramatic decline…already damaged by chemo and radiation…have healed. One fellow whose case Dr. Gonzalez cited is now 17 years past his death sentence.  A death sentence which was delivered by an Oncology MD.


The Gerson Diet has been around a long time…since 1928.  It is based on the idea that cancer is caused by toxicity of the body.  Treatment consists mostly of flooding the body daily with 15-20 pounds of organic vegetable nutrients, consuming some organic  food, mostly produce, and itincludes coffee enemas.  The clinic operation is continued by Dr. Gerson’s daughter who was forced to move it to Mexico many years ago…shut out of the U.S.   There is now a clinic in Sedona offering something similar.  This approach is intense, and it works for many people.  Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach, FL also offers a food-based nutritional healing program in a high-end retreat atmosphere.


Enzyme Therapy:  Nicolas Gonzalez, MD is a respected, successful doctor in New York working since 1981 with nutritional approaches to healing degenerative diseases. He works with large doses of pancreatic enzymes to detox his patients from chemicals and heavy metals stored in their bodies.  He uses liver flushes, many supplements (minerals and phytochemicals like beta carotene), customized diet plans, and the coffee enema (same as the Gerson Diet).  The enema is effective in pulling/removing dead tumor waste.   See his website at



Considering Chemotherapy because you have a fast-paced cancer or just believe it is what you need?    Make sure your chemo drug is right for you and your type of cancer.   CHEMO NEEDS TO BE CUSTOMIZED.   Every cancer in each individual is different, and the standard, broad-spray chemo treatments may or may not work.  There is no one-size fits all.   European countries such as Germany commonly do Sensitivity Testing to formulate an effective chemotherapy.   The tests are expensive, but if I were considering that approach (which I can’t at this moment imagine I would!), I would certainly demand a Chemo Sensitivity Test.  At this time, I believe it requires your doctor to work with a lab in Europe.

And remember that we support you.  Whatever your choice, you get to be right in our clinic.  We work with cancer patients before, during and after conventional treatments.  Visit the Home Page of our website to see an NBC 11-minute special on one of our patient’s experience with post-cancer treatment:


Whatever you decide, we hope our 3-part series on cancer has helped you be better informed and to make your own case for the potential use of Natural Medicine, including food and supplements.  Eating for health  is a preventive approach.  If you have cancer, consider natural healing as a primary treatment or how you might use it in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments.   In any case, most of us can start the healthy lifestyle –or even “up our game” of health– NOW.  Doing so will substantially lower your odds of having any form of cancer in your life…ever.

“The scientist can’t tell us, and doesn’t even try to tell us, whether it is a good world or a bad world; that’s not his job.  But the attitude of (our) mythology does establish (our)…relationship to nature.”  Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey


Referenced in this article:

  • Conquering Any Disease, Jeff Primack. This is a primary resource of knowledge and protocols at Lotus Blossom Clinic.  We carry this book and many supplements he recommends in the protocols.   We also have two valuable cookbooks:  One book is on smoothies and the other has blended or cooked recipes.  All recipes we have tried are extremely tasty, and they match each powerful foods to a disease protocol.  As for cancer, we teach Food-based-healing classes including the Food Protocol for cancer.
  • Love, Medicine and Miracles, Bernie Siegel, MD. An amazing, perceptive and truly loving book in which he proves that THE POSITIVE BELIEF of the patients in their treatment can make all the difference.
  • The Hidden Story of Cancer, Brian Peskin. The essential fatty acids required to keep your cells “breathing” (aerobic).
  • Kill Cancer, Not People, Robert G. Wright. This book has numerous methods for healing cancer.  It is very clear about why conventional treatments mostly do not work in the long run.
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