PART TWO:  The Dark Side of Brain Oils (and some Happy Ones)

Do you know what really killed Robin Williams back in 2014?  Williams’ autopsy included an analysis of his brain, and what they discovered was tragic.   He had Lewey Body Dementia.   This disease is similar to Alzheimer’s but with other outward characteristics more like Parkinsons such as muscle twitches.  At night, his muscles were fully activated (and working) even during dream time.  Sleep disturbances are common with this disease.  Many brain processes were not working well in this man, which helps to understand why he had his own bedroom, separate from his wife.


Was Robin Williams a case of an oxidized brain damaged by the oils he unwittingly consumed?   Commonly-loved foods such as French Fries are known to contribute to oxidation of the brain, damage to blood vessels and much more.

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world”.

– Robin Williams

Hopefully the words and ideas you read here will change YOUR world!


OMEGA 6:   Too Much is Harmful and INFLAMMATORY

Found in nuts and soy and veggie oils, experts agree that poly-unsaturated Omega 6 oil is overeaten by most people and that it INCREASES INFLAMMATION in the body.  It’s in nearly all processed chips, crackers, cookies, cakes, bread, food bars….most things that are processed and packaged.  Soybean and corn oil (mistakenly labeled “heart healthy”) and canola oil are examples of Linoleic Acid, which is an Omega 6.  Although Omega 6 does have useful functions such as maintaining healthy skin, it needs to be eaten in moderation because it competes with the “good” Omega 3 oils for an enzyme called Desaturase.

THE UPSHOT:  It’s a competition for resources!   If you have a lot more Omega 6 (bad) than Omega 3 (good), Omega 6 wins and your body creates an inflammatory oil called Arachidonic Acid.  This leads to many chronic diseases and much pain.    HOWEVER, if you consume less Omega 6 than Omega 3 (e.g. salmon, krill oil or microalgae), your body will create an anti-inflammatory oil called Prostaglandin E1. This is a beneficial thing because inflammation is at the root of practically all disease processes.



Vegetable oils become much worse when heated.  Deep fat fryers create the most toxic oils of all, called 4-HNE.  EACH TIME unsaturated oils are heated it creates more and more 4-HNE, a proven carcinogen.   Evidence now reveals 4-HNE’s part in atherosclerosis, says Guiseppi Poli, a biochemist who co-founded the International 4-HNE Club.  His belief is that 4-HNE makes cholesterol oxidize, becoming crystalline plaque and clogging arteries.  100 grams of French fries contain a toxic amount of 4-HNE.  For example, breathing the vapors of these oils is directly linked to lung cancer.


Look what’s happened in the last few decades:

  • In 1970 Linoleic acid (Omega 6) was 10% of the fat in the human body.
  • In 2010 Linoleic acid jumped to 23% of the fat in the human body.


Hmmmm… from 10% in 1970 to 23% in 2010, here’s one reason to care:

All your cells have a lipid (fat) membrane.  When you build a membrane with the wrong lipids (fats), you get a lazy membrane which is less efficient at letting insulin into the cell.  Causes insulin resistance…Diabetes and Alzheimers, and it creates cancer cells too.  Think of it this way:  The cell can’t breathe properly when encased in an oil that isn’t very permeable.


Large vegetable oil companies donate to the Heart Association – do not trust the “Heart Healthy” label.




By now you might be “in” for a campaign to call all the restaurants and their associations to demand they switch out these brain, gut and heart-damaging oils.  In fact, there is a “club” of 50+ European Scientists whose aim is to end the reign of these harmful vegetable oils in our foods.   We say:  Coconut Oil, Butter or Ghee in our cooked foods, please.


OMEGA 9:  Some Healthy Oils

Do you love avocados and chocolate?  Good for you!   These foods contain healthy oils called stearic and oleic acids.  Your brain, your skin, heart, gut…all over your body…your cells love these fats.  (Just watch out for chocolates where the manufacturer has removed the cocoa butter– in order to sell to a lotion-making company– and replaced it with unhealthy, hydrogenated fats).


Olive Oil and Nuts also contain Omega 9.  It’s unfortunate that Olive oil isn’t a saturated fat, because when used in cooking, it takes on free radicals, so we recommend eating this one cold, e.g. in salad dressings and drizzled over vegetables after cooking.   HOWEVER….OLIVE OIL is far less toxic than any of the other vegetable oils discussed here.  Its chemical structure has only one flaw (a single seat for a free radical) compared to multiple flaws and complicated kinks of the other veggie oils.


Omega 9’s are also found in:  Seeds, Nuts, butter, and eggs.  Along with the saturated fat Coconut Oil, these Omega 9 oils lower cholesterol.




Now does Robin Williams’ brain illness make more sense?  I’m thinking he liked his French Fries, other deep-fried foods and other processed foods too much.  He was a man who could have anything he wanted.  He just didn’t know.  Now YOU do.


Eat LESS of the processed foods containing the bad oils.  STAY AWAY from those French Fries which are arguably the most toxic of all.  Stop it with the chips, cookies, cakes, doughnuts, and the processed meats.

Eat MORE of the coconut oil, avocado, olive oil (cold), ALA foods such as chia seeds, DHA and EPA foods from the sea, goat and sheep dairy, organic butter and ghee.  Your brain will thank you from the bottom of your heart!



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